Last night domestic terrorist Stephen Paddock, 64, opened fire in Las Vegas from a Mandalay Bay hotel room on the 32 floor, targeting a crowd of concert goers. Attendees were enjoying the Route 91 Harvest, a three-day country festival, when Paddock began shooting. As of publication, NBC NEWS reports that there were at least 58 people killed with more than 500 people injured. The victims, their families, and those affected by this horrific event, now the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, desperately need help.

Blood donations

First and foremost, blood donations are urgently needed to aid and save those who were injured during the attack.

For anyone who is able to donate, please do so and/or please help spread the information. Below is a list of blood donation centers in Nevada:

You can also donate blood nationwide. Visit United Blood Services at to locate donation centers.

Donate and spread the word

The Clark County Commission Chair from Las Vegas, Steve Sisolak, is raising funds for the victims of the shootings.

You can find the link to his gofundme in the tweet below:

Besides the need for blood, families and friends of the victims are desperately trying to get information on missing loved ones.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department released a phone number that families can call to try and locate those missing. Contact 1-866-535-5654.

For those who think their loved ones may have been hospitalized, CNN says they can contact the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada by calling 702-383-2000.

They will be able to speak to operators who are working on connecting patients with their families.

The Mandalay Bay issued a plea for certified trauma counselors to volunteer their time to help those impacted by the shootings. They are asking for those trauma counselors to go to Circus Circus, Ballroom D and to ask for Tommy Gorbal to be given an assignment.

The FBI has also asked that anyone who has videos or photos from the Las Vegas shooting to please call 1-800-CALLFBI (1-800-255-5324) to help with their investigation.

Remember that self-care is also important. The Crisis Text Line tweeted out a thread reminding people that it's okay be sad or angry or scared and to feel overwhelmed. Take time to process and distract if need be; do something kind for yourself or a stranger, turn off the news, and come back when you're ready. If you need to talk with someone, there are many organizations like the Crisis Text Line available.

If you need to talk, contact:

Crisis Text Line: Text 741741

IMAlive Online Crisis Network: Visit

24/7/365 Crisis Hotline: Call 1-775-784-8090

Call for change

Contact your elected officials to demand stricter gun laws and call for Gun Control reform.

NBC News reported back in February that Trump had signed a bill into law that rolled back "an Obama-era regulation" that made it harder for people with mental health disorders to purchase a gun. A call for change, for stricter gun laws, and better mental healthcare is an effort that must be attempted and put into motion to lower these types of attacks and, at the very least, save lives - instead of watching gun stocks rise during every mass shooting, just as CNN Money reports occurred today.