Earlier this week we received the bad news that “Supernatural” season 13 wouldn’t have Crowley. Mark Sheppard has “no plans” to return to the show. But the show must go on. There are plenty of people in the SPN Family fandom that want to see the Winchester brothers back in action. It’s only been eight days since the season 12 finale aired, but fans already want to know when season 13 will air.

‘Supernatural’ will air on Thursdays

Right now, the only thing The CW has shared about the next season is the day of the week it will air. When The CW released its fall 2017 schedule, fans quickly found “Supernatural” would stick to a Thursday night slot.

It is airing at 8 p.m. on Thursdays, which is the time slot it has had from January 2017.

Rather than “Riverdale” following, “Arrow” is now taking the 9 p.m. slot. This makes more sense, as the two shows are very similar in nature. “Riverdale” is moving to Wednesday nights to take “Arrow’s” original 8 p.m. slot.

No premiere date set just yet

Unfortunately, that’s all we know. “Supernatural” season 13 doesn’t have a premiere date just yet. This isn’t that surprising. There are still a lot of plans to put in place for the fall 2017 schedule to take off. In fact, no show has a premiere date set just yet across the networks.

Filming hasn’t even started for “Supernatural” season 13. There are also current suggestions that there will be a writer’s strike.

This could push filming back, which could affect the actual fall schedule for all network. The last writer’s strike meant the SPN Family had to put up with a shortened season 3.

It is possible to work out a potential premiere date for the upcoming season. Most seasons have returned at the start or middle of October. This puts a likely premiere date as either October 5 or 12, 2017.

‘Supernatural’ season 12 now on Netflix

The great news is U.S. fans can now watch “Supernatural” on Netflix. As expected, the show is now available with all 12 seasons. Netflix and The CW had come to an agreement in the summer of 2016. All shows would air in full eight days after the season finale. “The Vampire Diaries” and “Legends of Tomorrow” showed that agreement was in full force, but the SPN Family didn’t want to get their hopes up to be disappointed.

Fans found the full season available this morning. Unfortunately, this is only for the United States. Other countries will have their own agreements due to licensing. Australia and New Zealand don’t currently have any of the seasons available, unfortunately.