There is a change to The CW fall lineup and not just because “Frequency” and “No Tomorrow” have been taken off the air. The last of the five major networks announced its plans for the fall 2017 season, seeing three shows switch nights and two new arrivals. There are also some notable shows missing, including a highly anticipated new arrival.

‘Arrow’ makes a move to new night and new timeslot

The first of the Arrowverse shows is the first on the move. It has enjoyed a comfortable Wednesday night position for a few years now, and for the last couple of years enjoyed running in the hour slot before “Supernatural.” Things changed last year, when “Supernatural” moved to Thursdays, as the show following from one of the newest Arrowverse shows “Legends of tomorrow.”

The fall 2017 schedule will see “Arrow” and “Supernatural” reunited.

This time they will sit in opposite positions, with “Supernatural” remaining at its current 8 p.m. slot on Thursdays and “Arrow” getting a later time of 9 p.m.

The change for “Arrow” season 6 means that Mondays to Thursdays no longer have Arrowverse shows, as the fall 2016 schedule initially did. “Legends of Tomorrow” is keeping the Tuesday 9 p.m. slot that it enjoyed when it returned midseason, following in from “The Flash.”

‘Riverdale’ gets ‘Arrow’s’ old timeslot

“Riverdale” was the only new show on The CW to get picked up for another year. The popularity of the show may have been linked to the Thursday 9 p.m. timeslot, running straight after “Supernatural.” However, The CW is trying something different for season 2, putting it in “Arrow’s” timeslot from this year on Wednesdays at 8 p.m.

“Riverdale” season 2 is acting as the lead-in for one of The CW’s new shows, “Dynasty.” This is a revival of the original 1980s show of the same name.

‘Jane the Virgin’ moves to Fridays

Jane the Virgin’s” renewal was shocking news for some. The show hasn’t been performing as well as it has in the past or as well as other shows on the network.

That will be the reason for the move from Mondays to the death slot on Fridays.

Since “The Vampire Diaries” and “Reign” have ended and “The Originals” is sticking with the midseason premiere (likely due to the poorer ratings compared to other shows), Friday nights are open. “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” is going to air on Fridays as it did in the fall 2016 season, but this time at 8 p.m.

“Jane the Virgin” will follow in the 9 p.m. slot.

“Supergirl” will continue on Mondays at 8 p.m., as the strongest show viewings-wise on The CW’s fall 2017 schedule. It will act as lead-in to the other new show, “Valor.”

As for two other new shows, “Black Lightning” and “Life Sentence” will air in the midseason, along with “The 100,”The Originals,” and “iZombie.” No dates have been given just yet.