The "Supernatural" fandom, which is more than accustomed to the deaths of many fan-favorites, is coping with "emotional trauma"; however, the season 12 finale went on a killing spree. This time, rather than devastated, fans were surprised to see how the show runners would manage to bring back characters that shouldn't have died in the first place. Jensen Ackles, in an interview during Comic Con, revealed some tidbits about upcoming season 13.

What will happen in season 13?

The first character that was confirmed to be dead was Crowley, because in the "Supernatural" fandom, extra confirmation is needed for this kind of phenomenon.

Then, Mary Winchester fell into the rift of the alternate dimension along with Lucifer right before Sam and Dean's eyes, only to be trapped within that other realm. Furthermore, another character to "die" in season 12 finale was the mighty angel Castiel, who sacrificed himself one more time for the greater good of the Winchesters and the universe, leaving the brothers alone.

In the beginning of Season 13, the series will pick up exactly where they left off. The brothers will be dealing with major losses in their own distinctive ways. As always, this will cause tension and they may not see eye to eye. Sam will want to try and find a way to save Mary Winchester as he has faith that she is still alive, whereas Dean assumes she is dead since she was stuck in that alternatue universe with the devil himself.

About the nephilim Jack, the brother will have contrasting opinions as well. Dean does not trust that creature and deems him malevolent, whereas Sam Winchester still believes that he can be good.

How will Dean deal with his losses?

According to Jensen Ackles, Dean will not know how to cope with the loss of his mom and best friend.

He will be very angry and confused, and will take it out on Jack. That is a natural reaction to losing so many people that he cares about, and it will lead to Dean building up walls around himself and hitting anything that crosses his path. Furthermore, the actor stated that the show will introduce us to new characters and will even bring back some old fan-favorites.

Due to the appearance of the other dimension's Bobby Singer it is almost certain that he will be part of the Mary Winchester story-line.

Season 13 is still under wraps. However, the revelations so far have us convinced us to hold our breath for the premiere on October 12.