Two years after the much-talked about farewell from “Late Show,” David Letterman confirmed that he will be returning to television, CBS reported Tuesday.

The former Late Night show host will make a comeback in 2018. He told CBS that he is excited to be working on this new project.

“I feel excited and lucky to be working on this project for Netflix,” Letterman said in the report. “Here’s what I have realized, if you retire to spend more hours with your family, check with your family first. Thanks for watching, keep safe while driving.”

The upcoming talk show that Letterman will be hosting next year will premier on Netflix.

The streaming platform will feature six episodes of in-depth interviews and segments that the “Late Show” host pre-recorded, the report stated.

CBS said that there is no official title yet to the show, and Netflix has reportedly not yet released lists of upcoming guests.

Farewell, ‘Late Night’

Back in May 2015, Letterman announced his farewell from his late night show as he signed off for one final episode that went on to be very dramatic, Time reported.

During that episode, the “Late Night” host thanked all of his staff, writers, crew and his musical band for what they have done for the years the show aired.

“These people all deserve more credit for this show that I ever will,” Letterman said.

Time stated that bandleader Paul Shaffer even expressed his gratitude by saying, “Thank you so much David, you changed our lives.”

About his new show

It was the television host himself who made the confirmation of his comeback. The report said that the new Netflix series will be exactly what he wants at this stage of his life.

Letterman is reportedly keeping the white beard that he grew after he appeared on the last episode two years ago.

Letterman was a late night television host for more than three decades. He started off with the show “Late Night” on NBC network and went on to CBS. More than 6,000 episodes were aired on both shows, which earned him the title of being the longest-running late night broadcaster throughout American history, CBS added.

According to reports, Letterman has earned a total of ten wins and more than 50 Emmy nominations, not to mention a Mark Twain prize award. Stephen Colbert replaced him as host after he bid farewell.

Hopefully, David Letterman will make his mark on Netflix too.

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