"Suits" airs its 100th episode on the Usa Network on Wednesday, August 30. Viewers are wondering what will be the focus of that milestone. Even though Mike and Rachel are engaged, there will not be a wedding, according to creator and writer Aaron Korsh. He said the hour will consist of some special touches. There will be a climax of the case involving Alex when Harvey and Mike get outside help.

The 100th episode will show Louis Litt, played by Rick Hoffman, with a shocked face as seen in the promo for the upcoming milestone. Louis will probably have a difficult decision to make.

There might be some flashbacks of the other 99 episodes leading up to the milestone.

Whatever happens on the legal drama, it will all come together at the end of the episode, says Korsh. He did hint that it has something to do with Mike, played by Patrick J. Adams.

Korsh's response

Korsh is glad he stayed with the series. He had contemplated giving up writing many times over an 8-year period. He never thought he would be around for the 100th episode. He concluded that reaching that milestone is a personal achievement that has exceeded his wildest expectations and one he never thought was possible when the series premiered on June 23, 2011. Now that it is in its seventh season, viewers are happy that "Suits" has been around for so long, and they are hoping it will continue for much longer.

About the current season

Jessica Pearson, played by Gina Torres, left the firm last season. The actress became tired of traveling from Los Angeles to Toronto where the series is filmed. She has made recurring appearances since she left, and she returned for last season's finale. Everyone at the firm is struggling to adjust to a new environment without Pearson.

They miss her and have learned how much they depended on her. They still have her name on the door as if she is still there. Perhaps it gives them a sense of security.

The dynamics of the law firm have changed, but the shadow of Pearson remains. Harvey gave into Donna's request to become the firm's COO. Harvey's friend Alex joins the team but brings along his own problems.

Harvey begins dating his former therapist, but viewers think Harvey and Donna love each other but don't want to admit it.

Rachel has passed the bar and is beginning her career as a lawyer. There is a conflict with Mike working a pro bono case at the clinic. Fans are wondering how this will be resolved. Hopefully, it will happen on the series 100th episode so the plot can move on to something else.

Watch the 100th episode of "Suits" on the USA Network on Wednesday, August 30 at 9 p.m.