Stephanie Hollman knew that Brandi Redmond was angry with her when she decided to go back on "The Real Housewives of Dallas" for the second season, but she claimed she had no idea why these two were no longer friends. It was heartbreaking for her as she really wanted to make peace with Brandi. The two had been best friends, but something went wrong last year and Brandi decided to completely shut down. She did not want to have Stephanie as a friend because she kept hearing things about her and things she was saying about her marriage troubles. Hollman was supposed to be a friend, not someone who went behind her back to speak about her marriage to the media.

According to a new report, Stephanie Hollman is now breaking her silence after her emotional sit down with Redmond. The two ladies finally had a chance to sit down. Many of their co-stars wanted them to work out their issues and their husbands were also begging for them to talk. They were great friends and their friendship was affected by the fact that their wives were not talking.

Marriage was a car crash

Brandi was upset with Stephanie Hollman because Stephanie had written in her blog that watching Brandi's marital troubles was like watching a slow car crash. While it was painful to see how Brandi's husband walked out on her and didn't deal with their issues, Hollman should have been her biggest supporter.

"I never felt embarrassed to call Brandi my friend, nor was I ever looking to trade her in. Hearing her say that now, and in the moment, hurt my heart deeply because I am so proud to call that girl my friend!" Hollman reveals in her Bravo blog.

Role of LeeAnne

While Stephanie Hollman and Brandi weren't speaking, Brandi had become close friends with LeeAnne Locken.

LeeAnne had become a shoulder for her to cry on when she missed Stephanie, so when LeeAnne learned that she had sat down with Brandi, she became nervous. She didn't want to be replaced and she was concerned that Brandi would just drop her as a friend. As it turns out, Locken did act out after learning that the two of them had been talking.

While she claimed she did want them to work things out, she does reveal that she felt nervous about them becoming great friends again. Perhaps she questioned what her role would now be with Brandi Redmond.

What do you think about Stephanie Hollman's comments about Brandi? Do you think these two will survive their friendship if they both work at it?