If you missed 'Suits' season 6, you may want a quick refresher. Mike is now out of jail and is officially a lawyer. There's no more fraud! Harvey is now managing partner of Pearson Specter Litt, and Louis remains the manager of the new associates. Just what will this all mean for Season 7? The synopsis for the "Suits" season 7 premiere doesn't give too much away, but there are some elements that we can pick up.

Harvey won't find managing partner easy

Harvey has always been No.2 in the law firm. While this can seem like a negative, for Harvey's character it has been a good thing.

He's been able to take risks and be a little selfish. Being managing partner isn't going to be easy for him. He will have to make decisions for the good of the firm while worrying about the type of clients he's bringing in.

This is especially going to be difficult with Mike back in the picture. Mike wants to create a pro bono clinic, which will mean a lot of money goes out without any coming in. What could this mean for the fate of the firm and Harvey and Mike's friendship?

Louis Litt won't necessarily be happy

The last Louis and Harvey discussed was that they would run the firm as a team. It doesn't look like that is actually going to happen. Harvey takes over as managing partner of the firm, while Louis runs the new class of associates.

This could lead to some difficult conversations.

Louis has certainly never always gelled with his partner. They have been at war with each other during "Suits," which could brew again. Of course, Louis could also be the sounding board that Harvey sometimes needs to keep the risks in check.

Donna and Rachel need to find their places

It's not only the men in the office that have new roles. Donna will want to make some changes to her life. She's fed up of being a secretary and wanted to start her own business. Unfortunately, "Suits" Season 6 saw her dreams crushed. She'll focus on something else moving forward. It's also not going to be easy for her with Harvey now as managing partner and not just a risk-taking named partner.

As for Rachel, she will continue to find her place in Pearson Specter Litt. She's made some of the biggest changes over the years, one of those becoming a lawyer. Just what will this mean for her, especially now that her fiance is a fully-fledged lawyer himself?

"Suits" Season 7 premieres on July 12, 2017, in the USA. There isn't long to wait to find out just how the five characters will come back after the nail-biting season 6 finale.