The first woman African-American professional motorbike racer Joi 'SJ' Harris died on the set while filming "Deadpool 2" in Canada on Monday, August 14. A 911 call described the incident by saying she was airborne before the bike crashed into a building.

Harris crashed into a window pane. The crash was fatal because she wasn't wearing a helmet since the character isn't supposed to wear one as well. Some bystanders also said that they did not hear the brakes before the actual crash and she appeared to have lost control of the bike.

Harrowing 'Deadpool 2' on set accident

Ryan Reynolds posted his heartfelt tribute to the racer on his official Instagram page. He said that everyone on set is "heartbroken, shocked and devastated." He also extended his condolences Harris' family. The racer's family was excited about her first movie stint, but all that turned into heartbreak after they heard the devastating news.

The biker from New York died after she crashed on the lower floor of the Shaw Tower. According to Daily Mail, Harris hit the curb before flying into the air and crashing into a window pane. Harris was performing stunts for Domino's character in the movie.

Harris and the movie

Harris' friends were shocked to hear the accident.

Her credentials are very commendable being the first African-American woman with a professional road racing license. Before the incident, Harris received a number of encouraging messages on social media cheering her on her first big screen stint.

After the crash, some witnesses claim that they were able to see the glass shatter.

Photos of the scene surfaced on social media showing broken glass stained in blood. Minutes after the crash, paramedics arrived to pull Harris from the wreckage. Reports said that they were able to rush the stuntwoman to the hospital, but the injuries were so severe that she eventually lost her life.

Meanwhile, the 911 call also revealed that the racer appeared to be lifeless after the crash since she wasn't moving at all.

The filming that day was called off after the incident occurred.

"Deadpool 2" is directed by David Leitch starring Ryan Reynolds, Josh Brolin, Morena Baccarin, Zazie Beetz and many more. The movie is supposed to be shown on June 2018. However, there are no reports yet stating how the incident might affect the airing date of the movie. Previous behind-the-scene photos show Ryan Reynolds performing motorcycle stunts riding a red Vespa with his legs crossed.