Bow down to the Princess! Blake Lively's other half Ryan Reynolds, also known as Deadpool, sent a hilarious message to Wonder Woman to congratulate the franchise for beating his movie's box office earnings. He has proven once again that he is the King of Twitter and the Internet users can't handle it.

Reynolds posted a photo of himself wearing his Deadpool costume while forming a heart highlighting a Wonder Woman gold necklace. This was shortly after Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkin's movie grossed more than $368 million dethroning Reynold's $363 million in America.

Wonder Woman overtakes Deadpool

In the local box office, the new heroine movie takes the lead after earning more than Deadpool. Of course, the comic and handsome actor did not miss his chance to stir the social media world with his utterly witty Instagram antics.

The actor posted the photo Monday, via his official Instagram account @vancityreynolds. After it was posted, the photo garnered more than 650,000 likes. He even created a hashtag for the movie and he calls it #BoxOfficeBoss. But don't worry Deadpool fans, Reynolds still holds the worldwide box office record with $783 million.

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins noticed the charming message from the actor. She replied by saying "ou are the absolute greatest, Ryan Reynolds @VancityReynolds Thank you!

We love you and your movie too," in her Twitter account. However, it looks like Gadot hasn't seen what the actor has to say about the movie's achievements.

Reynolds rules Twitter

The actor was dubbed as the "King of Twitter" because of his wit. He once said that people of LA are so scared of gluten that he can rob a liquor store with a bagel.

The Tweet garnered more than 300,000 likes.

Recently, the actor received praises after helping a girl who broke up with her boyfriend. Gabbi Dunn proceeded to photoshop Ryan Reynolds in all of their photos together. She shared the masterpiece on Twitter to which the actor replied. Reynolds encouraged Dunn by saying she should photoshop his image over the guy's yearbook photo.

The post instantly got more than 600,000 likes and praises for the actor for being cool with it.

Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 will be coming to theaters in June 2018. This is a good way to promote the film. The actor also started posting movie related stills to promote the second installation of the franchise. Until then, Wonder Woman will hold the top domestic box office spot until Deadpool 2 reclaims it. Or can it?