Kanye West, 40, believes that he is distanced from Jay-Z because he never accepted Kim Kardashian. It should be remembered that before marrying the reality superstar, West and the "Otis" hitmaker were best friends and worked together in the music industry many times. Since Kardashian and West were married, the friendship between the two rappers cooled. Jay Z does not publicly admit he rejects the reality superstar but he has remained very distant from West since they were married. The truth is that the "Famous" hitmaker misses his friend a lot and this situation seems unfair to him.

Queen B

Everyone believes that Beyonce is behind the distance between West and Jay-Z. Sources close to the pair of musicians say "Queen B" despises Kardashian for several reasons: the socialite starred in a sex tape a few years ago with her then boyfriend Ray-J, for having become famous thanks to a reality show and for having had romances with too many men. Beyonce believes that true fame comes from talent and not from a reality show. Many deduce that Jay-Z is not more related to the West family so as not to have problems with his wife.

The "99 Problems" hitmaker became the father of twins recently so he wants to focus on his fatherhood and being a good husband. His friendship with Kanye West will have to wait until everything is clear.

Meanwhile, West will continue making music and designing for Adidas. His wife has not publicly spoken of her rivalry with Beyonce, but everyone knows that "Kiki" would prefer to get along with the singer and not to be confrontational as they are now. The socialite and her husband plan to enlarge their family so that their children have more siblings to play with.

"Kiki" has more than family projects and like her step-sister Kylie Jenner, 20, she is working on a new line of cosmetics. The socialite has been obsessed with the cosmetics since she was a little girl. Her father bought her a make-up line when she was 13 and she learned to use it with a specialized tutor. She created a make-up technique, "contouring," which is the most copied in the world thanks to Youtube.

That is why any advice of beauty that she gives, is heard by millions of women. Although she became famous thanks to a reality show and a sex tape, her influence in style, fashion, social networks and television is huge.

Many teenagers want to be like Kim Kardashian to experience that powerful influence reserved for few.