Taylor Swift’s legal drama finally comes to an end. A Denver Jury composed of two men and six women ruled in favor of the pop superstar. Swift takes home a symbolic $1 reward.

Taylor Swift emerged victorious after legal battle

Taylor Swift takes home a whopping $1 reward after winning the sexual assault Case against former KYGO DJ David Mueller. The ex DJ was accused of grabbing the “Bad Blood” singer's bare cheek during a meet and greet event. The alleged groping took place in Pepsi Center four years ago. The “Shake It Off” singer shared her victory with her mother, Andrea Swift and her radio liaison Frank Bell.

Taylor's mother and radio liaison were also charged for allegedly getting Meuller fired from his job in KYGO.

In a federal counter-lawsuit against Mueller, Taylor Swift sought a symbolic $1 reward. According to the LA Times, the Grammy-awarded artist believed that the $1 reward symbolized her dedication to stand up for the rights of women. Swift’s lawyer, Douglas Baldridge said that the dollar was a priceless token of victory for Swift and for all the women she represented.

The “Style” singer took the witness stand and testified against the former KYGO DJ last week. In her famous testimony, Swift narrated how Mueller’s hand found its way up her skirt and landed into her butt cheek. the singer recalled that despite her efforts, Mueller's hand refused to let go.

After a series of questioning and discussion, the jury of 8 decided that Mueller was guilty as charged.

Taylor Swift hopes to inspire women

After winning her legal battle, Taylor Swift released an official statement. The singer thanked her legal counsel for fighting for her and for helping stand up for every single woman who has been silenced by sexual assaults.

According to Bloomberg, the singer also highlighted her desire to inspire women to speak up and let their voices be hear. The award winning singer also promised to support women by making unspecified donations to groups who help sexual assault victims like her.

A Law professor at the University of Denver Nancy Leong said that the Swift’s victory is very significant.

The professor said that for the past centuries, women were often unheard. But Swift’s victory is a concrete proof that the current society has already changed. In fact, it has already reached the point where women are actually believed in court. Professor Leong believes that Swift’s success will surely inspire other assault victims to come forward and fight for justice.