Ryan Reynolds set Twitter ablaze Saturday after tweeting a photo of himself hanging out at X-Mansion. “Deadpool 2” Fans who impatiently wait for more movie updates are quick to pick up that the actor has thrown himself out in Twitter-verse to tease the sequel’s upcoming trailer.

At press time, the tweet has already accumulated 29,324 26 retweets and have been liked for about 97,221 times since it went live at 3:45 AM today. It is expected to reach more and more die-hard movie and Marvel Comics fan who enjoy trolling the unlikely and unruly anti-hero.

Dropping by the X-Mansion

The tweet composed of three short stimulating phrases says: “Dropped by the X-Mansion. Big fucking surprise. No one's home.” The same tweet also featured a photo of the Merc and with a Mouth reclining outside of the castle.

That exact location has been used as a stand-in for Professor Xavier’s X-Mansion. According to CBR, Reynolds’ tweet alludes to the absence of X-men character in the original “Deadpool” film. To be fair, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Colossus played by Brianna Hildebrand and Stefan Kapicic, respectively, made a brief appearance the first film which made them the only proper characters who are part of the original team.

The famous X-Mansion first appeared on the “Deadpool” original movie which is being shot at Hatley Castle in Victoria, British Columbia. The sequel’s movie production crew under the team “Daisy” is currently filming in Canada to finish certain location sequences of the film.

More “Deadpool 2” update

Although this teaser is not a sufficient information leak about the film’s plot, we already know that Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin are set to debut as Domino and Cable, respectively.

These actors have been part of the X-Force which Deadpool’s character is known to have a close connection with.

Brolin has been publicly open about his excitement on his part. He has been significantly present in social media sharing his transformation into Cable. The actor’s jacked up physique has already been complimented by another Marvel luminary, Dave Bautista of “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

In addition, Jack Kesy accepted and signed a villain role.

According to popular speculations, the actor will exert his acting chunks as the evil Black Tom Cassidy who, at the same time, expected to take the lead on the antagonist block.

The sequel marks the return of Ryan Reynolds on the big screen alongside cast members T.J. Miller, Karan Soni and Brianna Hildebrand with Zazie Beetz and Josh Brolin. “John Wick” director David Leitch will be directing the film.

“Deadpool 2” is slated to return to theaters on June 1, 2018.