Spoiler alerts for "General Hospital" have leaked some exciting news. Fans should be elated because Steve Burton and William deVry will collide with each other in Port Charles this fall. Julian Jerome and "Jason" are slated to be on screen and back in action in October.

William deVry just signed a three-year contract.

Julexis fans are elated that William deVry just signed a contract for three more years on "General Hospital." His last date of taping was June 30th, but he was on the screen on August 14th talking to Billy Miller's Jason about Sam.

Spoilers state that the character of Julian Jerome will go to jail, but be released in October just in time to interact with Steve Burton.

deVry, stated in an interview that Julian had so much more to explore on "General Hospital" and loyal viewers agree. Julexis fans have been patiently waiting for their favorite couple to be reunited, so let's hope the writers give the people what they want. Alexis and her wayward spouse, deserve a hot and heavy reunion and a long honeymoon phase that is drama free.

Julian and a new Jason or another character

Spoiler alerts have given two possible scenario's regarding the character Burton will portray. He will be a new Port Charles resident with the face of the old Jason, or there will be a storyline with two Jason Morgan's in town.

Currently, Billy Miller's Jason is at odds with Julian and blaming him for Sam's illness. On Monday Jason actually told Julian to stay away from Sam. Knowing "General Hospital" something will take place, and Julian will be the hero. Soon after he will be back in everyone's good graces.

There has been nothing definite regarding Miller leaving "General Hospital" so it will be interesting to see how William deVry and Steve Burton's characters become intertwined in the fall.

Burton, Miller, and deVry, are all talented actors and fan favorites. If all three were to remain in Port Charles, this would be a bonus for the fans. Julian will no doubt soon be missing, but fans can take comfort in knowing that come this fall, he will be on hand for three more years.

Steve Burton will be welcomed back with open arms, whether he plays or not.

So it looks like things will be very interesting in October. Keep watching "General Hospital" weekdays at 2:00 p.m. EST on ABC to find out how all of this plays out on screen. If you enjoy knowing in advance what is going on with your favorite characters, keep watching for spoiler alert updates.