This week on "General Hospital," Carly finds out the truth regarding Sonny's shooting. She understands that Sam has a medical condition, but will not be able to accept that she kicked Sonny in the hole after shooting him in the leg. It will not even matter that Sam is the wife of Jason, who is Carly's best friend. Sonny's wife will be hell bent on getting even.

Sonny and Jason will cover for Sam

Sonny and Jason will cover for Sam, and Donte will never know the truth. For months now Jason's wife has been hallucinating about Sonny. She has been seeing him in places where he really was not.

In her mind's eye, Sam saw Sonny taunting her about keeping her husband in the mob. In reality, she knows he would never do this, but the infection caused by the Encephalitis has been raging through Sam's brain. Sonny and Sam are remembering the truth, while Jason is figuring it out.

Carly was certain that Garvey was the one who was trying to kill her husband. She will probably be in disbelief when she finds out that it was her best friend's wife. Mrs. Corinthos will probably not believe the infection was totally at fault. She may be thinking that deep within Sam, there was some animosity towards Sonny. The reality that her spouse almost died yet again is not going to sit well with Carly. She will want answers and will not like the fact that Sonny and Jason want to protect Sam.

Carly will have her revenge

Everyone in Port Charles knows that Carly is overly protective of Sonny. She will be thinking of him above all else and angry that Sam could not stop herself from hurting him. Spoilers indicate that Carly will be focused on the fact that Sam kicked Sonny in the hole. Her dilemma will be her feelings for Jason, Danny, and Scout versus her animosity against Sam.

The two women had become close but now all that will change. Carly was focused on Joss and Oscar, and Nell and Michael, but now her focus will shift. She will have Sam on her mind and be figuring out ways to make her pay.

Jason and Sonny will no doubt try to talk Carly down, but when she is in rare form no one can stop her.

Carly risks alienating many of her loved ones if she carries out this vendetta against her best friend's wife. Sam is recovering from a serious infection that affected her brain. Let's hope Mrs. Corinthos does not attack while she is recuperating. There is no telling, when, where or how she will retaliate, so stay tuned week days to "General Hospital" and find out.