Rumors have recently surfaced that model Kendall Jenner is seeing NBA star Blake Griffin though there has been no news that Jenner and A$AP Ricky have split up. The pair has been spending a lot of time together recently which have sparked rumors that they are in a relationship however, this has not been confirmed. Fans are desperate to know what is going on but Kendall has not commented on the situation.

Jenner and Griffin have been spotted together several times over the past few weeks

According to TMZ, celebrity Kendall Jenner and NBA star Blake Griffin have been photographed by the media hanging out numerous times over the past few weeks.

While Kendall’s best friend, Hailey Baldwin, joined the pair rumor has since surfaced that the couple's relationship is more than simply platonic in nature.

The pair were spotted on a beach at Montauk and a Surf Lodge on Friday and were then seen the following day hanging together. According to AU News, neither Kendall nor A$AP Ricky has released a statement saying that they have broken up and fans are wondering if Kendall is cheating on her boyfriend behind his back.

Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin were spotted by the paparazzi having dinner at Griffin's home and this time they were unaccompanied by Hailey Baldwin. Fans are wondering if Baldwin initially tagged along to make it appear that they were hanging out as friends while Kendall and Griffin got to know one another.

A source close to Kendall Jenner has come forward with claims that the couple are an item

According to Bazaar, a source close to Kendall Jenner has confirmed that her it looks like she and Griffin are beginning a relationship. They confirmed that the couple has been spending a lot of time together recently and revealed that they want to keep their relationship quiet for the time being.

The source went on to claim that Kendall does not want anyone finding out about her new romantic fling and pointed out that the star was trying to hide from the paparazzi in her hoodie so that she would not be recognized. The source has remained unidentified, which leads fans to believe that they are not telling the truth.

As of yet, there has been no other evidence that Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are an item.

The pair is not affection towards one another in public and it is incredibly possible that they have simply become good friends over the past few weeks. Whatever the story is fans are desperate to know the nature of the pair's relationship.

Kendall Jenner has not commented on her new relationship with Blake Griffin and fans are dying to know why they are hanging out.