On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," the Forrester patriarch found himself in a troubling situation. While he was not at home, Sheila and Quinn got into a knockdown, drag out fight. By the time Eric showed up, his ex-wife was on the floor unresponsive, and bleeding from the head. It looks like she may be dead.

Sheila continues to insert herself into Eric's life

Sheila knows that her ex-husband has reconciled with his current wife, but she continues to insert herself into his life. She found his gold watch at the motel and called to tell him she would return it.

Eric was at work, but Sheila went to his house and walked through the unlocked front door. When Quinn saw her she was shocked this woman was in her home and she called her husband to tell him.And told Sheila to get out of her home.

Sheila was leaving when Quinn called her a bitch, Ms. Carter turned around giving her rival that look she gets just before she does something evil, and asked, "What did you say?" Quinn called her a b*tch again, and then the fur began to fly. These women did not have a typical cat fight, but they were out for blood. They were throwing lamps and vases, and punching each other and fighting like men in a drunken brawl.

Quinn may have murdered Sheila

Quinn grabbed what looked like a poker but Sheila got it away from her and held it under her throat.

Quinn passed out and Sheila turned to leave. Quinn came too and ran at her husband's ex again and held the poker to Sheila's throat until Ms. Carter passed and fell backward hitting her head on the floor. Quinn was huffing and puffing, clearly out of breath and in shock when Eric walked through the door.

He ran over to Sheila and saw the blood pouring from the back of her head.

She did not respond and both ErIc and Quinn looked troubled. The former wife of the Forrester patriarch is hurt very badly, or even worse may be dead. Quinn has an ugly past where she threatened Liam several times and actually pushed Deacon Sharpe off a cliff. Will Eric believe that she was fighting his ex-wife in self-defense?

If Sheila survives it will be her word against Quinns. Which woman will Eric believe? If his ex-wife does not regain consciousness, will Quinn be charged with her murder? It looks pretty bad but things are not always what they seam on daytime television. Stay tuned week day afternoons at 2:00 p.m. EST on CBS for more episodes of "The Bold and the Beautiful." If you want to know in advance what is going to happen on B&B, keep up with the latest spoiler alerts.