Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne recently had a son together and Cole has had to take a break from her music career in order to focus on her raising her son. A source has revealed that Cole and Payne are planning to move to Los Angeles together so that they can focus on their music careers. The exact details of the move have not yet been revealed but it is clear that they are planning on moving.

A source has come forward with information about the couple's plan to move

According to the Independent, a source close to celebrity couple Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne has come forward with information about their decision to move to Los Angeles with their son.

The source claims that as Liam is busy promoting his new music and working on his music career, Cheryl has been keen to get back her own career.

The source has revealed that Cheryl has not released any new music since 2015 as she was pregnant with Bear and has been spending time raising her newborn son. However, now that time has passed and Bear has grown Cheryl is keen to get back to work and has no desire to become a stay at home mother.

In a report by British Now Magazine, the source has claimed that Cheryl wants Liam's career to improve so that he can bring in more income while pursuing her own. The source has stated that the move to Los Angeles presents a different kind of focus for the mother, which is something Simon Cowell has always shared by Cheryl Cole.

The family have already been taking the necessary steps to move to the United States

According to the Telegraph, Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole have been preparing for their move to Los Angeles. Cheryl Cole has recently been spotted at the American Embassy in London picking up a new working visa for the United States. It has been confirmed that Cheryl is planning to record her new album in Los Angeles and has taken out a longer work visa so that she can travel back and forth between the UK and the US.

In a report by the Independent, it appears that Liam and Cheryl have begun to look for a new place together in Los Angeles but no further information about their search has been revealed. It is thought that Cheryl Cole will ask her mother Joan Callaghan to visit the couple regularly in Los Angeles so that she can babysit her grandson.

It appears the Cheryl is incredibly determined to make the most out of the move and wants to get her career back on track as soon as she can. Liam is working alongside his wife to work out the details of their new life in Los Angeles and it is clear that the couple feels like this is the best decision for both their personal and working lives.

Neither Liam Payne nor Cheryl Cole has commented about their plans to move to Los Angeles and fans are wondering when they will break the news.