"Big Brother 19" spoilers reveal that the Power Of Veto competition was held on Saturday, August 19. Everything is going according to Christmas Abbott's plan, and Mark Jansen should be going home on Thursday. However, in the game of "Big Brother," they say to expect the unexpected.

To recap Week 8 so far, Christmas won the HOH competition. She nominated Jason and Matt for eviction. Mark selected Paul in the new Apple Tree competition, giving him safety for the week.

POV players

According to Big Brother Network, Raven Walton, Mark, Paul Abrahamian, Christmas, Jason Dent, and Matt Clines played in the Veto competition.

Since Mark played in the challenge, if he is the renomination choice, it isn't a real "backdoor."

Going into the POV competition, Christmas wanted anyone but Mark to win it. She had hoped to put Mark on the block so she could be the one to send him out of the game. If for some strange reason, Mark won the challenge, her plan was to send Jason out the front door on Thursday.

Veto competition results

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate that Jason won the POV competition and will be safe for Week 8's eviction on Thursday. Of course, Jason will be removing himself off of the block. Christmas will likely put Mark up in Jason's place. However, it is a possibility that Christmas may change her mind and target someone else this week.

Mark tries to wheel and deal

Mark tries to plead his case to Christmas, offer her and Josh Martinez safety for the entire game. "Big Brother 19" spoilers state that Mark offered her a final three deal with Josh.

Mark indicates that he could be an ally and she could use him to take Paul out of the game.

"Big Brother 19" spoilers state that Mark said that he didn't know Cody Nickson was going to put her on the block during Week 1. He is telling the truth about that one. Cody blindsided his alliance by targeting Paul and Christmas in the first week.

Christmas didn't give Mark much hope but told him not to quit playing the game. It doesn't look like Christmas is convinced of his pitch yet, but it's still 24 hours before the POV meeting.

Christmas tells Paul about Mark's pitch

"Big Brother 19" spoilers indicate that right after Mark left the HOH room, Christmas pulls Paul aside to tell him that Mark asked for another week, with the promise he wouldn't come after anyone. Paul immediately says no. Paul revealed that next week, Alex Ow wants to go after Matt.

A short time before this, Paul told Josh that Jason needs to go next.

At this point, Paul is telling everyone different information, it's only a matter of time before it all blows up. Do you think Mark will be put on the block after Jason saves himself with the POV?

"Big Brother 19" airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings on CBS.