On Monday's episode of "The Bold and the Beautiful," Eric Forrester made a decision regarding his future. It had been looking as if he were going to kick Quinn to the curb for kissing his step son Ridge, but in a shocking twist, Eric forgave her and decided to take her back. At the same time, Sheila was telling Charlie her plans to be the wife of the Forrester patriarch once more.

Quinn has been relentless while Sheila is confident

Quinn has practically begged Eric to take her back. She has asked forgiveness and pleaded with him to give her another chance.

Eric had been standing his ground and this gave Sheila hope. Charlie was in Sheila's motel room watching as she had a portrait sketched. Sheila shared her intentions of having an official portrait made to hang on the wall in the Forrester mansion, when she is Eric's wife once more. Charlie warns Sheila, that it is possible Eric and Quinn could reconcile, but she will not listen and insists that she will one day be Mrs. Eric Forrester.

Meanwhile, Eric has called Carter who brings Quinn divorce papers to sign. He tells his wife that she must give up her job at "Forrester Creations," and walk away from the marriage without a dime. Quinn agrees and Eric tells Carter to leave because his services are not needed.

He lets his wife know that it was a test to see if she really loves him or wanted his money, and the couple makes up.

Sheila will be outraged and her fury will be felt

When Sheila realizes Charlie was right she will be lived. She will not believe that Eric went back to Quinn after all of her manipulations. Shelia is planning a portrait that will be on the wall of the Forrester mansion.

She honestly believes she will be the new matriarch of the family. Her fury will be off the charts after she learns Quinn will remain with Eric. Viewers should not count her out, however, because Ms. Carter may have an ace up her sleeve by the name of Deacon.

Quinn showed up in LA., at the same time as Deacon Sharpe, who is no longer on the canvas.

There has been neither hide nor hair seen of Deacon since he was arrested for shooting at Quinn. Earlier spoiler alerts suggested Mr. Sharpe returned to town to let Quinn know they were never divorced. If true, and Sheila finds out, things could get quite interesting. The rest of the summer will indeed be very hot in LA. Stay tuned to "The Bold and the Beautiful," weekdays on CBS and find out if Deacon and Sheila will tear Quinn and Eric apart.