The solar eclipse will take precedence on Monday, and "General Hospital" will not be on the air. Spoiler alerts indicate the rest of the week be pretty interesting. There will be plenty of drama from Tuesday through Thursday however.

This may be Julian Jerome's last stand.

William deVry, who portrays Julian Jerome had been unable to agree to a new contract. His last date for filming was said to be June 30th. Since then a new deal has been made, and Julian will stick around Port Charles for three more years. Spoiler alerts tell us that Julian's trial begins this week and he gets a verdict on Friday.

Spoilers also indicate that deVry will be seen on the show again in October.

If Julian is indicted this week and goes to jail, this will explain his absence during the time he was not filming. Julexis fans are wondering if there will be any love scenes before Alexis and Julian part. Surely the writers have crafted a way for this couple to have one last night together before they are separated. If not "General Hospital" viewers will have to wait until the fall, in order to see their favorite couple express their love for one another.

Carly and Alexis

Spoiler alerts indicate that Alexis and Carly will find Common Ground this week, but no details on what that means. According to the Inquisitor, Julian's wife will help Sonny's spouse deal with the fact that Sam shot Sonny.

Carly was livid when she found out that Sam was the one who shot her husband and left him to die. Alexis is Sam's mother, so naturally, she will try to calm Carly down.

Spoilers indicate that Alexis will point out that Sam was not herself because of the brain infection. And she will remind Carly that Morgan spiraled out of control, and made bad decisions when he was off of his medication.

Carly may calm down long enough to consider these facts, and perhaps she can forgive Sam and even if she does not forget. These two mothers have more in common than they realize. Both are in love with mobsters who want to get out of the business completely.

They each have children by the bad boys they love. Carly and Alexis also each have children with Sonny.

Sonny and Julian each find that situations come up to keep them from going completely legit. Carly may ponder these facts as she decides not to make Sam pay for her sins, at least for now. Stay tuned to "General Hospital" week day afternoons at 2:00 p.m. EST. Keep looking in for Spoiler alerts to find out in advance what is going to happen with your favorite Port Charles characters.