In shocking "General Hospital" casting news, reports are saying that Robert Palmer Watkins is being let go. He has been playing the role of Dillon Quartermaine since 2015. If this is indeed true, this will definitely be a shock for fans of the ABC soap. Daytime Confidential first reported the news. In addition, they said that the actor has been blindsided by his firing.

Another one bites the dust

If the reports are true, Watkins will be added to the growing list of "General Hospital" stars that have been given the axe. Rebecca Budig, who played the role of Hayden Barnes, was also just surprisingly let go.

"GH" fans are quite upset by Budig not being a part of the cast any longer.

Dillon Quartermaine has not been in a major story line recently, but he is in a fairly new relationship with Kiki Jerome. They have been a fan favorite couple and have that on-screen chemistry that makes for a fun pairing. He is also becoming closer to his brother, Ned. It seems that the Quartermaine family is dwindling fast these days.

What will Kiki do now?

Kiki has already lost one boyfriend due to a tragic death. Once she got over the death of Morgan Corinthos, she officially hooked up with Dillon and the two have been going strong ever since.

This is yet another breakup of one of the more popular "GH" couples. With Robert Palmer Watkins apparently being let go from "General Hospital," fans may just wonder if actress Hayley Erin is next.

It seems like you just never know what will happen these days. Actors seem to come and go so quickly on the ABC soap these past few months.

Viewers are starting to think that some of the cast members are being let go because of the re-hiring of Steve Burton. However, it may not have anything to do at all with that.

What will the actor do now?

Soap acting isn't the only gig that Robert Palmer Watkins is involved with. "General Hospital" has let him take a month off to star in a new film, "Last Three Days." He was thankful that he able to do that, so this could be the reason that he supposedly feels blindsided by the show.

At least he has something to fall back on. Watkins is a good actor and he may just be scooped up by another soap or go off in another direction.

Are you totally shocked by the actor getting axed by the ABC soap? Sound off your thoughts on how you feel about this. If this is really happening, an official announcement should come out soon, and Robert Palmer Watkins will most likely come out and talk about it as well.