With Rebecca Budig being let go from "General Hospital," fans are left wondering what will happen to her character, Hayden Barnes, as her time is running out on the ABC soap. It seems that the actress is involved in a decent story line right now, but it is all just a part of her upcoming exit. The actress is done filming her scenes now, so this means that she does not have much time left. How will Hayden leave Port Charles?

Will she be killed off?

One way to kick a character off of a daytime drama is to kill them off. That doesn't mean that they can't return from the dead because, after all, it has happened quite a few times before on "General Hospital.

" However, that doesn't look to be the case with Budig's character. The word going around is that Hayden will not end up being dead, so that leaves a few other options open.

Hayden is pregnant with her first child with Dr. Hamilton Finn. She was reluctant at first to be a mother, but she and Finn had talked it over and now they are happy together and planning a future together. Unfortunately, someone from her past has stirred up trouble and is threatening her happiness, and that person is Hayden's ex-husband Jared. They share a secret and he wants money to keep quiet. Will Hayden end up leaving town, and Finn, because of her past?

Hayden's tangled web of lies

It would seem that Hayden should really tell Finn about running over a girl and injuring her years ago.

After all, Finn is recovering from drug addiction, so he is no saint himself. However, "General Hospital" spoilers have suggested that she will not spill the beans to him.

Finn will become suspicious of Hayden's story. Will he eventually find out the truth? He may find out that she has not told him about her past and the secret that she shares with her ex, and that could be the end for the couple that fans have been calling Fayden.

What will be the reason she leaves?

Hayden could just up and leave town, but she could also have some sort of accident herself and be in a coma.

Soap characters have been left in this state before and have been whisked off to a long-term hospital for care. With all of this stress that Hayden is under, this could cause her to miscarry her baby as well. She has come to love this child, so that could be devastating to her.

However, the writers at "General Hospital" has her exiting the show, Rebecca Budig will be sorely missed by her fans who have come to invest in her and her pairing with actor Michael Easton. How do you think this will all be handled?