It has been five years since Steve Burton has stepped onto the set of "General Hospital" to film any scenes, but now he is officially back and ready to get back in the groove. He is once again among some of his best friends, and he couldn't be happier. The ABC daytime drama lured the soap actor back to his old stomping ground, but his character's true identity is still a big secret.

When is Steve Burton's official air date?

It looks like "GH" viewers will be seeing this blue-eyed guy officially on air on September 18. His fans are quite ecstatic to have him return.

Many have taken to social media to chatter about his future story line. It is still up in the air, at least for viewers, on what the full extent of Burton's appearance will be.

In just about a month, things will begin to unfold. It will eventually become clear as to how the writers will be incorporate the actor back into the cast. The excitement and anticipation is building for many fans, but not all of them. There are some people out there that are not happy to have Steve Burton return.

Jason or not Jason?

This is the big question that everyone is trying to figure out.

According to Executive Producer Frank Valentini, no one has yet to figure out who Steve Burton will turn out to be. If this is really true, then that means that he will not be coming back as his old character, Jason Morgan. Billy Miller replaced Steve as Jason, and most people have accepted him, and they are not willing to give him up.

Billy has resigned, so he will be sticking around Port Charles a while longer.

If Burton will not be Jason, then who will he be? The twin theory is going around with him and Billy Miller being brothers. There has even been talk that he could come back as someone that has nothing at all to do with the Jason story. One "General Hospital" rumor states that he could possibly come in to take Sonny's place as mob boss since Sonny is trying to get out of the business.

The social media stir

One thing is for sure, Steve Burton has gotten a lot of exposure by his ultimate return to the soap. "GH" fans are buzzing all over the place. You can bet that both the actor and his ABC bosses will chime in on all the buzz by teasing a few hints to get people ready and guessing.

Are you ready for the return of Steve Burton? What is your prediction on how "General Hospital" will bring him back and who he will end up to be? Stay glued to your TV sets, and to social media to get a few hints until September 18 arrives.