The latest entry into the television superhero universe will be Marvel's "The Defenders" on Netflix. The newest series will unite four heroes previously seen in their own shows on the streaming Content Provider. The team will stand together to fight a common enemy in the hopes of saving the city of New York. Of course, it won't be easy as they'll need to all get on the same page, putting aside their individual differences to fight for the greater good. Here's the latest about the new "Defenders" miniseries and when it will be available to watch on Netflix.

What is 'The Defenders' about?

The newest Marvel Universe installment, "The Defenders" is a team of four unique superheroes. It will feature Matt Murdock aka Daredevil, a blind lawyer who is a vigilante that fights crime by night. Also featured will be detective Jessica Jones. She previously was a superhero and still uses her powers here or there, but mostly relies on her cunning wits while trying to avoid too much alcohol and other issues.

There's also Luke Cage, a brute force from the streets of New York. He was sent to prison years ago for a crime he didn't commit. While inside, a maniacal prison guard decided to use him for experimentation. It ended up creating a man full of super strength who has nearly impenetrable skin.

Finally, there's Danny Rand, also known as the "Iron Fist." He was the last of the four heroes to be featured in a Netflix standalone series. Rand is the son of a rich corporate father who sort of inherits the company. He also becomes the "Iron Fist" and has expert Kung Fu skills along with a fist that glows gold and has an extremely energetic punch to go with it.

These four heroes will team up with a few common denominators between them. They include nurse Claire, who was featured in all four of the series and helped patch up the various heroes when they were seriously hurt. She also had a bit of a love connection with Luke Cage, as did Jessica Jones. In addition to that, there's lawyer Jeri Hogarth and mysterious Chaste leader Stick.

Other characters who will pop up from the previous series will include Jessica's pal Trish Walker, Matt's buddy Foggy, police detective Misty Knight, and Frank Castle aka "The Punisher."

When does it come to Netflix?

The good news is that the wait is just about over for fans of the superhero shows. Marvel's "The Defenders" officially arrives on Netflix on Friday, August 18th, 2017.

The entire eight-episode mini-series will be immediately available for binge watching on Netflix. Most likely, it will be there as of midnight on Friday, but it may be there several hours later. Nonetheless, all eight installments will be there on Friday, so get ready for some serious superhero binging this coming weekend!

Will you be watching "The Defenders" once it arrives on Netflix? How would you rank the four superheroes based on their individual shows?