"Shameless" fans have begun the countdown to November 5th and are anxiously awaiting the premiere of the Showtime hit comedy. Diehard "Shameless" fans have spent months searching for even the tiniest of Season 8 spoiler news, which has been tightly guarded.

Will Fiona be forced to reveal the whereabouts of her meth inheritance?

However, we do have a few potential clues as to what we can expect come November from the Gallagher family. On August 21st Showtime released a short video of first takes and a photo shoot promoting the upcoming season 8 return of "Shameless" and ever since spoiler speculation has been on the rise.

Is Ian's past with Mickey going to hurt his future?

One very interesting take from the promo tease shows the Gallagher family, along with Kev, Vee, and Svetlana digging what appears to be a grave. So what is up with that? As previously reported, there are some major changes coming to the Gallagher family. When we last left them, they had just buried their mom Monica.

We also remember that Monica left each of the family members a bag of meth that is worth about $10,000 street value as their inheritance. However, Fiona did not want hers or Liam's, so she placed them in Monica's coffin before the funeral.

Could this photo shoot be a hint that the Gallagher's are going to be in financial trouble once again and they will be forced to go digging up Monica's grave to retrieve the $20,000 in meth?

Fiona may be forced to reveal ditching the meth in the family's moment of need. This may also set up the return of Mickey.

Some believe the money troubles will come after Ian is arrested for helping his beloved Mickey leave the country for Mexico after he escaped from prison in season 7. Ian was caught on camera in the bank withdrawing money for Mickey.

There is also a paper trail of receipts for Ian's bank card for gas.

Fans are also well aware that when it comes to graves, the Gallagher's have no qualms about doing what has to be done. It wasn't that long ago that they were digging up Aunt Ginger's body from the back yard. Fiona did tell Frank she found Ginger's body and moved it.

So, it could possibly have to do with Ginger's remains again. However, if we had to choose, our bet is on Monica's grave and the meth.

And...Let us not forget Frank's comical but, bizarre trips to the cemetery to visit Bianca after she died. So with that in mind, a little treasure hunting for a good cause at Monica's grave is not out of the question for the shameless Gallagher clan.


What are your thoughts on this, do you believe the meth and Monica's grave will come back into play when Season 8 of "Shameless" returns to Showtime on Sunday, November 5th at 9.p.m.