Reality TV star Derick Dillard on "Counting On" really lowered the bar with his Pure Charity fundraiser. As Hurricane Harvey is slamming Texas and Louisiana, Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband are hitting folks up for donations, not for storm victims, but for themselves. Critics and even fans are furious at the "19 Kids and Counting" stars for soliciting travel and tuition donations under less-than-transparent circumstances. But they needn't worry--the dubious Duggar donation drive isn't exactly taking people by storm. Maybe it was the tacky timing--ya think?

'Counting On' couple are or aren't missionaries?

The "19 Kids and Counting" star is going to school to be a missionary and wants help paying for it. This is confusing because Derick and his wife Jill Dillard spent two years in Central America calling themselves missionaries. But they lacked training and church sponsorship and announced they were quitting missions. Now Derick Dillard needs $6,500 to fulfill his "call to Gospel advancement" and "humanitarian work" in NW Arkansas, North America, and elsewhere. So were the Dillards really missionaries, and if not, why has Dillard Family Ministries been fundraising as such?

Derick Dillard cloaks tuition fundraiser as charity

The "Counting On" reality TV star uses euphemisms like serving, ministry and calling.

He claims donations will benefit 2,000 people. Really it will only help him pay his Cross Church School of Ministry bill. It's not even like he needs tuition money for university. CCSM isn't an accredited college and the unemployed dad of two has no degree. But the thing that most galled viewers was the "19 Kids and Counting" dad dressing up his financial aid request as charity.

Dillard "Counting On" campus experience

The only charity the fundraiser supports is Derick Dillard. Note that he will live on campus, so donations will feed and house the "19 Kids and Counting" reality TV star. $6,500 will pay him to travel about his own home area, do unspecified good deeds, and preach. If you want to "partner" with the "Counting On" celebrity, you can contribute or share his campaign on Facebook.

Or maybe you don't want to enable the new dad to shirk his family for a year playing frat boy? It would give him more time for Twitter wars with transgender teens.

Duggar-Dillard fundraiser falls flat after Harvey

The response is underwhelming. Dillard's been shamed, quoted scripture at, and accused of failed accountability with other donated funds. The DFM link was up long after they returned to "Counting On" and even after they told viewers that they'd left the mission field. Others feel the "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar Family earn enough from reality television and should stop begging. Some say he should worry about Texas-based Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo during the hurricane. So far, the reality TV celebrities have $125 toward the goal which is $125 more than most feel Derick should get.