"Shameless" finally has a Season 8 release date, and fans are anxiously awaiting the big return on November 5th. A few season 8 spoilers are beginning to surface, but for the most part, they are very well guarded by all involved.

Frank Gallagher has a lot of skeletons in his closet

What we know so far, besides the 'Shameless" Season 8 premiere date is that fans are going to see a major change in the Gallagher patriarch Frank Gallagher. As previously reported, there has been talk of a 'Shameless' time jump soon approaching and in that time jump were are going to see brand new sober and working Frank!

Which woman had the most impact on Frank's life?

What we don't know yet is if we are going to see the entire transformation of Frank take place before our eyes or are just going to get a couple of tiny flashbacks reflecting the journey into this miraculous transformation. It has also been pointed out from time to time on the Shameless Facebook groups that we have yet to see a Gallagher family Christmas take place.

We know that times are always unusually hard for the family cash wise, but it would make for an interesting episode, of course, it would have to be all kinds of Gallagher messed up right? In the past we have witnessed the family struggle through Thanksgiving, the whole Monica suicide attempt was heartbreaking to watch from the kids' point of view.

But, just for fun wouldn't it possibly make a great episode or two if we could see an episode that could maybe start off with Frank high out of his mind as he continues to mourn the death of Monica. What if while he was out of it, he begins hallucinating badly, believing he is being visited by ghosts of Frank Gallagher's past.

A little "Christmas Carol" like tale perhaps?

First let's start off with Monica coming to Frank as a ghost, telling him that he still has time to make amends with their children before it is too late, as it is for her.

Let's travel with him through the various stages of his f***ed up life. First, stop childhood. WE already know his parents were just horrible.

Frank's mom made into the series, but how about a look at Frank's relationship with his dad Neville Gallagher? You have to know that this dude was seriously messed up to have married Frank's mom, right?

We could revisit Frank's life with Aunt Ginger, Dottie, Bianca and how things could have been if Frank would have been a different man and end with Frank's decision to change his ways and make amends to his family.

How would you like to see the great transformation of Frank Gallagher take place?

Shameless Season 8 begins airing on Sunday, November 5th on Showtime.