Tennis champion Serena Williams, her fiance Alexis Ohanian are expecting their first baby together and the mother to be has taken to reddit to ask other mothers for advice. Serena wanted to know things such as how soon other mothers packed their hospital bags and if they had any unusual items that would help during her time in the hospital. The star got a flood of responses as other mothers shared their experiences with her.

Williams turns to Reddit for advice

According to the Mail Online, tennis champion, Serena Williams has turned to Reddit to ask fellow mothers for advice on her impending motherhood.

Serena and her fiance Alexis Ohanian expecting their first child together and it appears that the tennis pro is panicking in the midst of her pregnancy.

Serena has turned to the Reddit thread titled "Mommit subreddit" which is a threat for mothers where they can share their advice and struggles with one another. Williams has asked fellow mother's when they packed their hospital bags and has shared that she is unsure about when she should prepare it for.

She also asked fellow moms if there is anything she would not think to pack that would really help her out at that hospital. It appears that the mother to be wants to be as prepared as possible when she goes into labor with her first ever child.

Serena Williams has received a flood of advice from other mothers as they advised her and what she will need to bring with her when she is both in labor and after the pregnancy has occurred. The community of mothers on Reddit have proved to be extremely knowledgeable and friendly and Williams is incredibly grateful for the advice that they have offered her.

Other mothers have shared their advice

According to the International Business Times, several mothers talked about the items that Serena will need to bring with her that the hospital either does not supply or do supply but are not the best choices for what she might need. One mother stated that she brought chapstick with her and several other mothers chimed in stating that it was a must have when going through labor.

Other items that were suggested to Wiliams included earplugs, nipple butter, chargers, extension cords, a water bottle, hair ties, a tower fan and an extra blanket that she can use to get any animals she has used to the baby's smell. Most of the mothers have advised Serena to bring her own heavy flow pads or towels but did not rate the quality of these items at their own hospitals.

Another mother has advised that Serena should bring a tennis ball and stated that she learned of its use in birthing classes. She explained that if Serena's partner rubs it in circles on her lower back that it will help to alleviate the pain before she gets any pain medication.

Serena William's was extremely grateful for all of the advice that she has received and is sure to put it to good use when preparing for her baby.