Chris Brown has been receiving major backlash for commenting on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna's Instagram photo. Fans of Rihanna have taken to social media to attack Brown for his comment as they still remember the abuse that their favorite star suffered when she was with Brown. Chris Brown has opened up about the night of the assault on Rihanna and has stated that she was also violent towards him as well.

Brown commented on one of Rihanna's photographs

According to Dance Hall, Chris Brown has recently taken to social media to comment on his ex-girlfriend Rihanna's photo.

The star merely left a side eyed emoji underneath a photograph of Rihanna wearing a crop top and fans have taken the comment negatively. Brown has received significant backlash for commenting on his ex's picture because he assaulted her when they were going out.

In a report by Dance Hall, a source close to Brown has stated that the celebrity was only having a bit of innocent fun and did not mean anything by commenting on his ex's photograph. The source said that Rihanna knows that Chris Brown is a loving person and that she should not take the comment the wrong when. When asked if Chris Brown tries to slide into Rihanna's direct messages the source has claimed that he does not but that Chris could not be blamed if he did.

Both Rihanna and Chris Brown stopped following each other on their social media accounts back in 2013 when they officially broke up. However, it appears that Chris Brown has started following Rihanna on Instagram and her fans are afraid that he might be trying to get back into Rihanna's life.

The negative reaction comes from the pair history

According to Z903, the negative reaction of Brown's commentary on Rihanna's photograph comes from the fact that he physically attacked Rihanna when the pair were going out. Brown is opening up about the night that he attacked his girlfriend in a new documentary titled "Chris Brown: Welcome to My Life."

The incident happened eight years ago but still haunts Chris Brown today, as he did not receive any repercussions for assaulting his girlfriend.

Rihanna continued to date Brown until 2013, Brown has since come forward and claimed that they were both violent towards each other throughout their relationship.

Brown claimed that Rihanna used to scratch him when they used to get into fights and that he would find it difficult to come up with reasons as to why he had these injuries. He stated that the violence between them was not okay and that he was horrified with himself when he saw what he had done to her face on that fateful night eight years ago.

Rihanna has not replied to either the comment on her photograph or Brown's claims that she was violent towards him in their relationship.