Sean Lowe of "The Bachelor" has been in Texas helping with relief efforts from Hurricane Harvey. Sean actually lives in Texas, so it makes sense that he would be involved. ET shared that Sean is dealing had to deal with a few really difficult things during this time. Sean lives in Dallas but headed down to Houston to help with efforts.

What has Sean been doing in Houston?

Sean Lowe actually asked if anyone had a small boat that he could take down there to help out with the relief efforts. Sean actually almost got to Houston, but he was 45 minutes away when he ended up running into four feet of water and had to stop at a gas station for the night.

Sean admits that when he thinks about Houston it is the main downtown area, but the Houston area is so much bigger than that and there are miles covered in water. He also said that his wife Catherine was worried about him going clear down there to help.

Sean details who he is working with and more

Sean is actually working with firefighters in the area during his relief efforts. Sean says that there are a lot of heartbreaking stories about mothers and babies and also elderly people that are stuck in their attics hoping someone will come and save them. There is water even eight foot high and he said it is hard to even describe what you are seeing.

Sean Lowe went on to describe helping a man who was going into cardiac arrest.

This is something that he will never forget. They took him out of a canoe and then into their boat. Sean wasn't sure if the man survived, but said he would be really surprised if he did. Sean says that he was holding a dead man and it took three of them to get the man from his canoe to their boat. He explained that CPR was done on the guy for about 15-20 minutes.

Some people have been giving Lowe a hard time about sharing that he went down there to help out, but he wants everyone to realize that they can help. If you can't go down there, donations can really help for people that were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Sean was just doing his part by heading down there to help out.

Ryan Sutter of "The Bachelorette" also went down to help with relief efforts.

Ryan is a firefighter in Vail, Colorado and is married to Trista Sutter. She was the very first "Bachelorette."

Are you happy to hear that Sean Lowe went down to Texas to help with the relief efforts? Do you feel like more celebrities should be heading that way? Sound off in the comments section below, and don't miss new episodes of "Bachelor in Paradise" when they air on Monday nights on ABC. Sean is one of the couples that did find love on reality television and it worked for him. He is now married to Catherine and they have one son together.