Sean Lowe is proudly from Texas and he lives in the state with his wife Catherine and their son Samuel. Luckily, Sean wasn't in the middle of Harvey as the storm ruined many lives this week. However, he was sitting at home with his family, watching how things unfolded on television. Lowe wanted to help, but he wasn't sure how to best help the people in need. After learning that people needed to be rescued, he asked Twitter if he could borrow a boat. While his reasoning for helping out was noble, some people felt that he was using the storm to give his "The Bachelor" fame a boost.

According to a new tweet, Sean Lowe read the tweet that accused him saying he wanted to help with Harvey for the sake of publicity. However, Lowe had a quick reply and he revealed that he had found someone who could offer him a boat. He wanted to go help, as thousands of people were stuck in their homes. His actions were not done for attention, even though some people felt he was trying to use it for attention.

Publicity stunt?

A generous person in the Dallas area allowed Sean Lowe to borrow a boat, so he could take it down to the Houston area to help out. The day after the tweet, he shared a picture on Instagram of him in the boat, ready to help people out. Clearly, this was not a publicity stunt, even though one person felt he may just have been saying he would help because of his "Bachelor" fame.

No word on whether Sean Lowe decided to stay later in Houston.

There are thousands of people asking to be saved and the storm is only expected to get worse. It is possible that Sean went home to be with his wife and son, as the storm is expected to get worse. People have already lost their lives and one can imagine that Catherine doesn't want him in Houston when the storm returns.

Donations still needed

Donations are still needed, so if Sean Lowe isn't staying in Houston to help out, it is possible that he will make a financial donation to help people in need. One can imagine he's willing to do anything to help people in Texas to get back on their feet, as this is his home state. These days, Sean is keeping to himself and he isn't trying to keep "The Bachelor" days alive as the person on Twitter accused him of. One can imagine he just wants to keep his life with his wife and son private.

What do you think of Sean Lowe's decision to go to Houston to help out people in need? Do you think his actions are noble or do you think he's trying to get more attention from fans?