The end of summer is here, and it’s time celebrities change their looks. Well-known personalities like Selena Gomez and Naomi Watts have the fans swaying to their tunes, thanks to their glamorous transitional outfits. To join them in the run is supermodel Bella Hadid, who was recently spotted braless in a nude bodysuit paired up with a daring denim skirt. The Daily Mail report suggests that she was on her way to Victoria’s Secret fashion shown fitting in New York at the time of spotting.

Bella Hadid's latest look

The Daily Mail report carrying pictures of her reveal the high-heeled sandals that Hadid decided to pair with her casual look.

She perfected the look with her “Dior” plated gold necklace and the traditional gold hoop earrings. The high-plated ponytailed Hadid carried the look off with a grim face as she wore her classic tinted sunglasses to go with it. According to Vogue, Bella Hadid along with sister, Gigi recently confirmed that they would be a part of Victoria’s Secret fashion show, 2017. The event is scheduled to take place in Shanghai, and the rehearsals for the same have long begun.

Bella was later joined in by Gigi, who came across as a sobered version of her sister. She wore a pair of cream cropped trousers, crocheted top tagged with mules. Bella made her VS fashion debut in 2016. She has taken to her social media accounts quite a few times, to express her gratefulness for being asked to be a part of the event once again.

“Thank you @monica.mitro @10magazine @johndavidpfeiffer and of course the wonderful, incredible @ed_razek + everyone on the team for making this dream come true again..” her Instagram post read.

Hadid's latest photoshoot

The model recently wrapped up photoshoot for Vogue Australia’s September issue with rumored boyfriend, Jordan Barrett.

Well-known photographer, Jackie Nickerson captured the two rising stars in a cuddled up position. The pictures were also accompanied by their interview. During the interview, Hadid clarified that the duo is just good friends and nothing more. The two have been spotted spending quality time with each other since earlier this year.

Once, Hadid and Barrett were spotted on a luxurious yacht, holidaying at an exotic location. There was another time when the two were seen alone at Hadid’s New York apartment. Persistent rumors regarding the two have been increasing in number, but Bella has finally put them to rest.