Sean Lowe went straight from picking Catherine on "The Bachelor" to joining "Dancing With the Stars." If anyone understands what is going on with Nick Viall right now, then Sean is the one who can understand it. A lot of people are upset that Nick chose to do "DWTS" right after his season of "The Bachelor," but he isn't the first one to do this, and things worked out for Sean and Catherine just fine. They are now married and have a son together.

Sean reveals his feelings on his blog

Sean started out saying, "First, let me say that I can’t criticize Nick at all for making the decision to dance considering I made the same choice a few years ago.

At the time, I could not believe they’d even want me on that show." He said he didn't see himself as a celebrity and knew that if he made it to the end of the show, then he stood the chance to make $250,000. That is pretty good money for a guy about to start a new relationship and Sean went for it.

He admits that he didn't think about his fiance's feelings on him joining the show. Sean and Catherine had just got engaged. Sean says that it was really hard on their relationship and they are lucky that it lasted, but it did. These two made it through it all. It is hard to start a new relationship while someone is on another reality show and practicing all the time for it.

Another thing that Sean says is that "The Bachelor" fans didn't follow him over to "DWTS." He thinks they wanted him to live happily ever after with Cathrine, but not be on a dancing show like this one.

Sean said, " I truly hope Nick dedicates his life to his new fiancee and doesn’t take this lightly. Love takes work, and that’s something The Bachelor really can’t teach over those thirteen, glamorous weeks of hot tubs, wine, and candlelit dinners."

Sean Lowe also touched on the fact that Kaitlyn Bristowe was told she couldn't do "DWTS." He understands why Mike Fleiss wouldn't want her to and would want her to focus on her relationship, but he does feel like if the guys are allowed to do it, then the women should be allowed to do it as well.

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