Exciting changes are slated to happen as "NCIS: Los Angeles" Season 9 returns on air this October 1. Nia Long is one of the newest faces on board for this highly-anticipated crime drama series. Long will be the new executive assistant director Shay Mosely, and she is coming on the scene to mix things up with the agents. One of her photos on the field has already surfaced online, and it featured Director Mosely at work with other familiar characters of the series.

New character photo

Sam and Callen were spotted together with Director Mosely on the field.

Long who will play the role of Director Mosely, was looking all lovely on her first scene on the show. R. Scott Gemmill, the series showrunner, has also revealed that Director Mosely will take her steps to the season 9 premiere and will try to send Deek's packing back to the Los Angeles Police Department.

According to Cinema Blend, Long's character is expected to ruin the status quo. Perhaps, her character might not also get the warmest welcome among the lead roles as she may cause some problems into their lives.

Sam is also expected to make his way back to work after his terrible misfortune back in season 8. Despite the conflict that Long is expected to bring the characters, she doesn't exactly sound like an overall villain on "NCIS: Los Angeles" season 9.

She will be joining the NCIS team as she will fill the shoes of Assistant Director Granger.

Special Agent Harley Hidoko

A new report from Cartermatt has also revealed that Andrea Bordeaux is also joining the season 9 premiere as Special Agent Harley Hidoko. The actress has confirmed the news herself after posting a photo on Instagram while giving her fans a sneak peek of her character look.

Bordeaux revealed that she would be heavily preparing for her role as she will be playing an important part in the series.

Special Agent Harley Hidoko is also eyed to be part of the "NCIS: Los Angeles" team. However, whether or not the Los Angeles office will be welcoming her character is yet to be revealed. The team has been into several trust issues over time, and perhaps, Long and Bordeaux's character might be a thorn for the entire team to deal with.

The season 9 will finally premiere in no less than a month, and the show is just getting more exciting. Meanwhile, viewers are also looking forward that Bar Paly’s return to the series as Anna since she has already made numbers of appearances from the season 8. These questions will be answered as soon as "NCIS: Los Angeles" season 9 to air again this fall.