"Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson is reportedly interested in dating reformed bad boy pop star Justin Bieber. The reality star reveals she has found Justin even more attractive now that he has turned over his new religious leaf.

Sadie Robertson and Justin Bieber match up?

Radar Online reports that Sadie recently revealed her celebrity crush during an E! interview, “Now that Justin Bieber is going to all these Christian conferences, I’m like hit me up Biebs.” Could this be a new celebrity couple in the making? Bieber fans are still adjusting to the new and improved Justin.

Justin Bieber's new life

Just last month Justin Bieber shocked and disappointed millions of fans after the singer announced he would not be finishing the remainder of his "Purpose" tour. At first, JB stated the reason was due to "unforeseen circumstances" and needed a break from the exhausting turmoil of touring. However, Justin came forward a few days later explaining to his fans that he had "rededicated his life to Christ."

It now appears that the once trouble-finding teen idol is all about religion. TMZ reports that an inside source at Hillsong Church told them that Justin worships in total peace, and at least feels he's treated like a regular person. Who would have ever thought that Justin Bieber, at only 23-years-old would have stepped away from his music, touring and fans to lead a quiet and serene religious lifestyle?

Who knows, Justin and Sadie could be the next celebrity "it couple" now that they share a similar common interest in religion. Let's face it the possibility of JB, and Sadie Robertson sounds more logical than Justin and lets' say...Kourtney Kardashian. Over the years Justin Bieber has been linked with numerous young women, mostly models, but a few celebs which have included Selena Gomez, Sophia Richie, and Hailey Baldwin to name a few.

But, JB fans are well aware that when it comes to serious relationships, it was Selena Gomez that Justin claims to have been the real deal for him. Selena has long since moved on since her Bieber days and is currently involved in a committed relationship with singer The Weeknd.

Sadie Robertson could be just what Justin needs in his life.

Sadie has done alright for herself lately, after appearing on her family reality series "Duck Dynasty" she went on to do very well for herself on "Dancing With the Stars." Now Sadie's fans look forward to seeing Sadie in the new Hallmark Channel TV film, "Sun, Sand & Romance." What do you think Beliebers, Justin, and Sadie Robertson?

Do you believe they would make a great couple?