The final chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins – Seven Days” manga has just been released and the spin-off reveals more of Ban and Elaine’s story. The seven-chapter manga spin-off tackled Ban’s backstory, revealing how he first met Elaine, who eventually turned out to be the love of his life.

Fans who have been following both the anime and manga series are quite aware of how Ban earned his immortality. His ability came with a price, which cost the life of a precious person. However, the new and final chapter of the manga spin-off featuring Ban revealed more of what happened after parting ways with Elaine.

Seven days with Elaine

The final chapter of the manga spin-off of “The Seven Deadly Sins” is titled “Oath” and it takes readers back to Ban and Elaine’s unexpected encounter with a demon from the demon clan. Though the demon’s appearance has nothing to do with Ban’s appearance, it all started when Ban pursued the fountain of youth.

Of course, the fairy named Elaine has been guarding the fountain of youth in her brother’s stead, who went on a long journey, and continuously fended off Ban until she realized that Ban was honest with her. After a few days, the fairy falls for Ban’s honesty and opens up to him, thankful that she has someone to talk to after a long time of being alone.

The two eventually hit it off and as soon as they get chummy, they are greeted with a demon attack.

Ban, who was determined to protect Elaine, told her to run off with the fountain of youth as he attempted to defeat the demon. Ban was able to take away the demon’s heart and immediately showed his victory to Elaine but the latter told him too late that a demon has more than one heart. The demon suddenly lands a devastating attack that dealt a fatal blow to the two.

At that time, Elaine made a selfless act of offering the fountain of youth to save Ban, who was on the verge of death. Despite Ban’s opposition, Elaine made Ban drink the fountain of youth and granted him the gift of immortality. Unfortunately, she was left to die as Ban came back to life, promising to defeat the demon and revive the forest she protected with her life.

The new Fairy King

“The Seven Deadly Sins – Seven Days” chapter 7 reveals that Elaine had one more wish aside from having Ban live. Before her final breath, Elaine gave Ban an Almoca Leaf, which is the forest’s final seed, so he can plant it somewhere safe and revive the burnt forest.

The final chapter showed Ban being referred to as the Fairy King, who presumably took on the role after he revived the forest with the Almoca Leaf. Ban kept his promise and has been keeping the forest alive for two years with his blood because he drank the fountain of youth.