Spoiler alerts for "The Young and the Restless," tease that Billy Abbot will overstep his boundaries during the week of August 28th. This could be in his relationship with Victoria, his rivalry with Jack, or both. Whether it is business or romance, fans will be thrilled to see baby brother stand up to his bully older sibling.

Jack Abbot needs to cut his brother some slack

Jack Abbot has forgiven his mother Dina for leaving their family when he was a child. Dina cheated on John Abbot and later admitted that Ashley was not John's biological daughter.

Jack has seemingly forgiven Phyllis for cheating on him with his baby brother, but for some reason is not able to put the past behind him where Billy is concerned.

Jack has gone out of his way to make trouble for "Brash and Sassy,' and is being relentless in his attempts to destroy the company where his brother works. On Friday Billy told Phyllis he had a plan to get even with his older sibling. Later he saw Dina's Jabot password on a slip of paper in her hotel room and made a photo copy of it. Billy may overstep his boundaries by using his aging stepmother to take down her only son. If he obtains insider information on Jabot, Billy will be able to do to Jack what his big brother wanted to do to him.

Billy may win in business and romance

In addition to trying to one up his older brother in the business world, Billy may overstep his boundaries with Victoria. Spoilers indicate she will kiss him this week, so maybe young Mr. Abbot will decide to have his Phyllis and ex-wife too. Villy has been working closely together to save "Brash and Sassy" from ruin, and getting along better than have in years.

Their shared past, constant close proximity, the adrenaline high from obtaining a loan from Niel and being able to pay Jack's increased rent, may indeed bring this couple closer together.

When his former spouse kisses him, Billy boy might just kiss her back. Everyone in Genoa City except Phyllis and young Mr. Abbot himself realizes it is only a matter of time before Villy reunites.

Spoiler alerts did not elaborate on how Billy is going to get the upper hand, however, these two scenario's are the most likely. Of course, there could be something else that viewers are not aware of. Stay tuned week days on CBS at 12:30 p.m. to find out whether or not Jill's baby boy gains the advantage in the boardroom, the bedroom or both. Viewers are going to be on the edge of their seats watching as all of this unfolds.