Selena Gomez may have had a tough time during the 'Jelena' era with Justine Bieber, but it seems like the table has turned now. Bieber was 15-years-old and Gomez was 17-years-old when they first met each other back in 2009 after their handlers reportedly arranged a meeting for them to be acquainted. In February 2011, the ex-couple made their first red carpet during Vanity Fair Oscar party. Unfortunately, they were still in teenagers, high off emotions and young in love. Now, let us talk about the singer-actress' serene relationship with The Weeknd.

Everyone knew what happened next: #Jelena became a legend to Hollywood's young generation. This is despite the controversial breakup back in 2012, E! News reported. While the A-list ex-couple knew that everything between them is over, fans just could not stop the chatter from social media to every bit of their personal lives. The public's massive presence did not help either with curiosities like 'who has moved on with who?'

Selena Gomez taking things slowly with The Weeknd

The "Starboy" singer came into the picture. According to the earlier mentioned source, The Weeknd always had a thing for Gomez. However, he was not looking for a relationship either until he met the "Kill 'Em with Kindness" singer last year.

However, they first stepped out in public last January and from there, the two started to be inseparable. The obvious pair has already traveled Europe and South Africa together.

Moreover, the couple visited the 27-year-old male Canadian singer's hometown of Toronto and appeared during the Met Gala red carpet last month as a couple.

In an interview, Gomez called it as hanging out with her 'new person' a lot. "I love being supportive. I love just being there and having someone's back. It feels good. I haven't had that feeling in awhile," she explained.

Not saying anything is for the better

So far, they have not confirmed anything about their relationship, neither are denying it, but maybe it's for the best.

It can be recalled that Gomez took time off her career, taking herself to rehab to deal with depression and other issues she has experienced. In result, she now returned as a stronger woman and has a way with things, a more cautious one.

Furthermore, there is no doubt that The Weeknd has been playing an awesome part in her life. If Selena Gomez is picking up the pieces this time, then hopefully the fans will leave it be. Well, are you one of the happy ones for their relationship? or are you still hoping for Jelena's reunion? Share your thoughts in the comment section!