Tom Cruise has just started Filming for his upcoming film, "Mission: Impossible 6," and he was reported being injured in one of his stunts. Entertainment Tonight reported that the filming had taken place in London where he got his injury. The actor was featured in a short video clip while doing his stunts for the movie. The scene was believed to have involved jumping from one roof to another in one of the buildings.

Amid the filming scenes, Cruise was reported to have fallen short, and instead of landing on the roof, he was smacked into one of the edges of the structure.

The actor was reported to be in an apparent pain during the shoot yet he still managed to carry himself in the harness after the accident.

Filming in a harness

In the recent scenes which Cruise has worked with, it was revealed by People that the actor has been attached to a harness before he'll start doing his leap. However, it turned out that the actor came out injured when he landed short and crashed into the edge of the building. Amid what happened, the actor was seen being able to pull himself before he was reported to have collapsed next to the crew members of the movie.

As of the meantime, it was not yet revealed up to what extent was the injury of the actor. His representative and the Paramount Pictures has not yet given any comments with the recent incident which took place in London.

Nevertheless, all his fans still hoped that the actor is doing fine and recovering from his injury.

Legendary actor

In the upcoming franchise for "Mission: Impossible 6," Cruise will be playing a protagonist role as Ethan Hunt.

Since the production has started filming, Cruise has been spotted doing his extreme stunts for the movie. He was even reported to have performed some scenes in the rooftop in Paris. Further, some of his stunts have also involved him climbing in a helicopter and riding a motorcycle.

Being one of the legendary actors of the movie, the actor will have to engage in some of the stunts of the film.

Despite being known for his extraordinary stunts, everyone was still saddened after learning the news about his injury.

For many times, Cruise was known for his extreme stunts on his film which includes "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation." However, it has been the first time for him to be reported suffering from such injury. During his past interviews, Cruise has also shared to People that most of the time, his stunts were intense and risky.