20Th Century Fox has confirmed the official release date of "Deadpool 2." The sequel will be released in theaters in the prime of the summer season. Ryan Reynolds is set to grace the big screen along with Josh Brolin in June next year. After so many speculations and predictions, finally, fans have some solid information about the sequel.

The team

Reynolds will reprise his role as the foul-mouthed antihero along with Brolin who will play the character of Cable. Atlanta's Zazie Beets will also join the movie and will play the role of Domino. The second installment will be directed by David Leitch who also directed "John Wick." The sequel will be written by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick who were responsible for the success of the first installment.

Also, in the upcoming sequel, the scriptwriting was joined by Drew Goddard.


Nathan Summers popularly known as Cable is often the antihero's partner in the comics version. The pair has 50-series released in Marvel comics. While his role in the film is already confirmed, it is still unclear on how Cable's story will be laid out. In the comics, he was brought as a child to the future where he grew and became a warrior before going back to the present setting. With the geniuses behind the film, fans are looking forward to an interesting story about his character in "Deadpool 2."

In February 2016, the first movie installment was released. While it was one of the highly anticipated comic adaptation, the team advertised the movie as an intelligent film for Valentine's date.

The release date was a major risk, which turned out to be a success. The film raked $782.6 million in worldwide sales. In fact, it replaced the top spot that is previously owned by "Matrix: Reloaded" as the top grossing rated R movie. "Deadpool" also changed the norm of theatrical calendar.

With a new release schedule, it appears that 20th Century Fox is testing the waters again and would like to know how well the movie fares when released side by side with other movies also releasing in the same month.

It is worth noting that it will be available in theaters after the release date of Disney's highly anticipated Han Solo movie. Furthermore, it will be a week earlier in the cinemas before "Ocean's 8" and "Transformers Spin-off." Apparently, "Deadpool 2" is sandwiched between much-awaited blockbuster movies. This is another interesting move from the team behind this antihero film that previously employed a strategic release date in its prequel.