In “Rick and Mortyseason 3 Episode 7, the title characters go on a trip to the Atlantis. However, the title suggests that we might see the Citadel of Ricks again.

Episode 7 title

The next “Rick and Morty” episode is called “Tales from the Citadel.” Adult Swim has yet to release the synopsis for this episode. Likewise, the studio has yet to confirm if this is indeed the title for Episode 7. However, we now have a trailer, which tells us where the titular characters are going for their next adventure.

'Tales from the Citadel' trailer

The trailer opens with Rick and Morty at the garage.

We see the scientist assemble a harpoon and Morty all set up for an underwater adventure. He has goggles on and an oxygen tank strapped to his back. The grandfather and grandson duo is bound for the Lost City of Atlantis. We then see the pair arrive from their trip and they are now both in their swimwear complete with a pair of flippers. Morty is missing his oxygen tank though and Rick now has goggles on.

The City of Atlantis

The wordCitadell is loosely associated with the mythical sunken city. The City of Atlantis is also referred to as the Citadel of Atlantis. This would explain why Episode 7 is called “Tales from the Citadel.” Perhaps in this episode, Rick and Morty returns from their trip with stories about their discoveries in the city.

Will we see the Citadel of Ricks in Episode 7?

Likewise, the word citadel is cryptic since it can refer to another Citadel, the one that existed on another planet—the Citadel of Ricks. Will we see Rick’s doppelgangers again? The last time we saw the council of Ricks was in the premiere episode of Season 3, when the mad scientist teleported their ship to the Galactic Federation.

It would be a surprise to see the council again in Episode 7, since they all died in Episode 1. Rick from Dimension C-137 killed them all, including the multiple versions of his grandson Morty.

What happens in 'Rick and Morty' Season 3 Episode 7?

Plot details for “Tales from the Citadel” remain under wrap. We still do not know what happens when the grandfather and grandson venture into the Atlantis.

Base on the trailer though, it seems they have a fun underwater adventure in the sunken city.

Perhaps their trip to the Atlantis is still part of the break they both agreed to take in Episode 6, “Rest and Ricklaxation.” Regardless, we will know for sure what happens when Episode 7 airs in two weeks. The show is taking a week off with the new episode scheduled to come out on Sept. 10.