Although Sunday night usually means a new episode "Game of Thrones" for most television buffs, it can also mean a new episode of "Rick and Morty" for others. Although "Game of Thrones" has concluded its latest season, "Rick and Morty" will still be airing for the next several months. So while we wait another two weeks for the next episode to air, we can make do with discussing this episode.

Rick and Morty get a break (kind of)

After another stressful adventure, Rick and Morty decide that they need to take a break from their lives. They travel to a bizarre day spa where they enter a psychological detox to purify their system.

However, it turns out this system removed all the bad aspects of Rick and Morty's personalities, such as their fear, anger, evil, etc. Their bodies still exist, but their minds have changed from the purification and for the better. From there, the episode goes into typical "Rick and Morty" nonsense.

Now don't get me wrong, this episode of "Rick and Morty" was still hilarious. There were plenty of laugh-out-loud moments that had me and my friends chuckling. In addition, this episode continues the insanity that "Rick and Morty" is known for. By far the best moment in the entire episode is when Evil slimy Rick and Purified Rick fight each other, with both using whatever kind of tech they can find to kill the other.

I don't want to spoil too much, but the whole battle was everything I love about this series.

Sadly, the rest of the episode is rather underwhelming.

Compared to the episodes that came before it, this episode felt average by "Rick and Morty" standards. The quotable humor of the "Rickshank Redemption" isn't present in this episode.

Even the premise, which is still unique, isn't carried out far enough. I would've loved to see this episode split into two parts, which could've made for some of the best episodes of the series to date. Something about this episode just felt lacking and it left me feeling empty.

Once again, I'm not saying this was a bad episode; I'm saying that is wasn't as good as the other episodes.

I still enjoyed this episode for its insanity and clever writing that did make me laugh plenty of times. I just hope that the next episode steps it up or brings back a fan favorite character like Mr. Poopy Butthole or robot bird person. Since the next episode will be coming in two weeks from now, one can only hope that the creators have something big planned in the future.