"Game of Thrones" Season 7 has finished its run. While this season was a lot shorter, it in no way lost what made the series such a massive hit. Additionally, this season finally marked the arrival of winter and the beginning of the end for everyone living in the realm.

Failed negotiations

The episode begins with everyone's worst enemies coming together - Lannisters, Starks, Targareyns, and even Greyjoys. In some ways, this was an interesting reunion, to say the least, for characters like Bronn, Tyrion, Brienne, the Hound, and even the Mountain. With all sides coming together, everyone was hopeful that Cersei would use logic to determine that an armistice was the right course of action.

Unfortunately, the threat of an army of ice zombies wasn't enough to appeal to Cersei's good side. Cersei instead offers her help to Daenerys and Jon but reveals to Jaimie that it was all a conspiracy. Instead, Cersei intends to let Daenerys and the King of the North fight the undead and finish off their armies with the golden company. Thankfully, Jaimie still has good left in him and chooses to ride North, just like he promised.

Littlefingers end

Littlefinger may not be as despicable as Joffrey and Ramsey, but he still stands as the character most wanted to see die this season. Thankfully, in an excellently directed scene, the show gives me that satisfaction. Sansa brings Arya into the court to stand trial but instead reveals that this trial is for Littlefinger.

Many expected Sansa would be manipulated by Littlefinger, but they were proven wrong. Sansa accuses Lord Baelish of every single crime he has committed, including betraying Ned Stark. Littlefinger has managed to slither his way out of death for the majority of this series, but here he has nowhere to run.

He tries desperately to plead for his life, but Sansa is not a fool.

Sansa tells Arya to execute Lord Baelish, and she does this with the same dagger Littlefinger put on Ned Starks throat. Such a satisfying way to kill of a despicable character. If only Arya could have done the same to Joffrey.

The truth about Jon Snow

Bran's new powers allowed him to figure out the truth. In his discussion with Sam, Bran reveals that Jon Snow is the true heir to the iron throne.

This information was something that Sam glossed over before, but thankfully Bran found out. Bran tells Sam all of this as Jon and Daenerys are making love to each other, which means Jon Snow had sexual intercourse with his aunt. Honestly, for a show that pushed the limits of violence, this doesn't bother me. Of course, it's gross but considering that the first episode had Jaimie and Cersei, brother and sister, making love, Jon and Daenerys making love doesn't make me cringe very much.

Night King obliterates the wall

Prepare yourselves "Game of Thrones" fans, winter is here. Jaimie rides away on his horse and sees snowflakes coming down from the sky. Eventually, the Night King comes to the wall with his army of white walkers, undead soldiers, giants, and of course a bloody dragon.

The undead Viscerion breathes blue fire and causes the wall to come crumbling to the wall, marking the first battle in the Great War Jon Snow went on about. This scene demonstrates "Game of Thrones" ability to be cruel to its audiences, establishing an even greater sense of fear toward the Night King and his army.

This season leaves on a dark cliffhanger, and the creators have big plans for the next season, which will also be a meager six episodes. Of course, these episodes could be longer than the typical run time of an episode of "Game of Thrones."