Rick and Morty season 3 is back with another episode titled, “Rest and Ricklaxation.” Contrary to the title of the episode, the preview reveals an adventurous journey for the main characters.

Everything about the last episode

Last week, the showrunners, according to a report by Vulture, premiered one of the best episodes yet. Titled, “A Rick and Jerry Adventure,” it showcased Jerry betraying Rick. Most important of all was Rick’s reaction to the controversy. The episode only lasted for half-an-hour and aired on the official Adult Swim platform.

“Rick and Morty” creators have even provided the fans with a real life, “Real Fake Live Stream,” wherein cable subscribers can catch up on the latest episodes of the show.

The episode witnessed Rick (Justin Roiland) forcing Morty to join him on an adventure trip. This prompts Morty’s grandson to experience a nervous breakdown. The entire sequence ultimately concludes in chaos for both, Rick and Morty. The latest season of the show has been taking unexpected turns for a long time now. A psycho-analysis into the main characters is enough to provide much content for the same. While there are certain sequences that come across as emotionally scarring, others simply make up for a great inspiration for adults.

“cognitive de-toxing device”

As pointed by Indie Wire, in the latest episode, Rick and Morty are seen making use of a “cognitive de-toxing device.” They use it with the objective of ridding themselves of toxic. They simply want to end up being completely healthy people. There is, however, a twist that leads them to become the total opposites of what they desire.

This episode certainly represents the traditional superhero theme, wherein the main character is spilt into good and bad sides. Major parts of the episode revolve around the “Healthy” Rick and Morty, who obviously seem more pleasant than the “Toxic” Rick and Morty. The “Healthy” Morty is seen spending a lot of time away from Rick, while contemplating about his own worth.

He also somehow manages to take Jessica out on a date, which turns out to be a total failure as he starts becoming annoying and turns Jessica off. Both, Morty and Jessica’s characters have been explored in depth. The creators have wittily managed to add political value to the show with the support of jokes. The fans have now witnessed a side to their favorite characters that they haven’t till date.