Kailyn Lowry announced back in February that she was pregnant with her third child. She chose to keep it positive, focusing on how wonderful it was she was pregnant and how she had planned the pregnancy. Lowry reveals that she was excited about what the future would bring, but her announcement was rather vague. She didn't go into detail about who the father was, but she did reveal that Javi Marroquin had no idea she was pregnant. She hadn't told him, but as fans have learned on "Teen Mom 2," some of his friends told him about the pregnancy.

According to a new Instagram post, Kailyn Lowry is now sharing her third baby with the world and many of her fans are gushing about how wonderful her son is.

Of course, many people are critical of how she's handled the whole situation, as they are seeing how everything went down behind the scenes. Lowry didn't tell Javi about the pregnancy, but he learned about it from friends. After he confronted her about it, she got an order of protection from abuse, as she felt Marroquin could hurt her if he wanted to. She eventually dropped it.

Pregnancy a selfish act?

Some fans are now revealing that the act of getting pregnant was a selfish act. Of course, Kailyn got pregnant because her doctor told her she needed to get pregnant soon if she wanted to have another baby. The doctor wasn't sure that her body could handle another pregnancy. Despite showing off her son, some fans believe that it was wrong what she did.

One person even shared an opinion on her post of her son.

"No one said she doesn't love her kids but what she has done is wrong, there's no denying that...she obviously was not thinking of her other two sons when she did what she did," the follower wrote on Instagram, adding, "When u have kids u put your feelings aside and think about what is going to be best for their development and long term happiness and development, clearly she was not doing that, just thinking about herself."

It was her last chance

Of course, Kailyn didn't become pregnant because she was careless.

As she has explained several times, she chose to get pregnant because the doctor told her that it would soon be her last chance. It's no secret that Kailyn wanted out of her marriage from Javi Marroquin because she felt her marriage was toxic. It would be silly for her to get pregnant by him. That may have been a selfish solution, as the two of them clearly don't get along.

However, it sounds like Lowry planned everything out and chose to get pregnant with a man, who had nothing to do with the "Teen Mom 2" franchise or even Kailyn's friends.

What do you think of Kailyn Lowry's decision to get pregnant? Do you think her fans are right that it was a selfish decision and that she wasn't thinking of her children?