"Big Brother 19" viewers have tuned in each week for all the normal madness of the game, and a lot of extra drama with the houseguests. While there is supposed to be scheming and manipulation in the game, this year has been over the top with messiness from the cast.

In the first week of the season, fans of "Big Brother 19" saw Josh have a meltdown. He verbally bashed Megan during a Head of Household competition. Josh continued to flip out over being away from his family and the paranoia from the stress of the game. With Kevin being the father figure for the house, he talked to Josh a lot to help him through the rough adjustment.

The Miami native went on to become a key member of Team Paul.

A vote for Cody is a vote for Jody

Jessica and Cody showed their true colors so many times as they refused to work with anyone except each other. You can't win "Big Brother" without the support of others. Hence, they are both out of the house. With Cody in the Jury House, Jessica has taken to social media to drum up votes for America's Favorite Player, saying a vote for Cody is a vote for Jody.

Kevin was a fan-favorite for most of the season so far. The mobster mentality and funny stories have made him a hit with viewers of "Big Brother 19" and the houseguests. Paul and he had a secret alliance and he seemed golden--until he wasn't.

It all changed because Paul turned on him and started a quiet campaign to turn the other houseguest against our favorite wise guy. Of course, Kevin is no longer the jovial, father figure but a houseguest fighting for his "Big Brother" life all alone.

A public apology on social media

Jason had a shot at being AFP. The news of his wife expecting their second child was amazing.

Fans of "Big Brother 19" were so touched by the wonderful reaction he had when he read the letter. Folks that had overlooked him before, were suddenly seeing how down to earth the Rodeo Clown was. That was short-lived, however, as Jason was talking to other houseguests about Kevin and made a comment that shouldn't have been said even jokingly.

It had to do with Kevin's wife and daughters and was so bad, Jason's family has issued a public apology on social media.

Paul is taking a lot of blame on social media for everything that is wrong with this season of "Big Brother 19" as the returning player and the Pied Piper of the house. He is playing all sides and is the ultimate floater while having them all do his dirty work.

As for Raven and Matt, Raven is one of the most disliked houseguests of all time and Matt is guilty by association. If he had not hooked up with her, his game may have gone differently. Instead, the two got behind Paul and never made a move on their own. As for Christmas, she started out strong but has since become one of Paul's puppets.

Alex had a great chance as a good competitor but has lost popularity as well over being so nasty to people in the house as well as being a minion for Paul.

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