"The Real Housewives of Dallas" is returning to Bravo in just one week and fans are excited to catch up with the Texan ladies from the cowboy state. For a long time, Bravo had teased about the ladies filming the show but they never released a publication date for the show’s second season. Fans were confused and excited, as the ladies kept saying that they had indeed filmed the second season and they were just waiting for Bravo’s final approval to move forward.

Now that Bravo has confirmed the second season and the show has a premiere date, fans are starting to see the previews for the season and they want to confirm whether the rumors for the show are indeed true or not.

While the ladies were filming the show, Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman were supposedly no longer getting along. During the first season of the show, these two were the best of friends and they indulged in what they called "Jesus Juice" which was simply wine. This was something that fans fell in love with, but during the show’s hiatus, the two had a falling out. In the previews for the season, Leeanne Locken is seeing comforting Brandi after learning about the troubled friendship.

Are they still feuding online?

As fans are reaching out to LeeAnne about the situation, it sounds like LeeAnne may be using this situation for attention. When she responded to a fan who asked her about the situation, she revealed that Brandi had cried to her about her friendship with Stephanie.

Brandi saw this and replied to her, revealing that she needed to stop talking about their friendship on Twitter.

Stretching the truth?

Clearly she felt that she was Stretching The Truth and that Locken may just be using the temporarily fractured friendship as an excuse to gain some positive press.

It is also interesting that Brandi is accusing Locken of acting like her former best friend, Tiffany Hendra. Hendra appeared on the first season of the show, but will not be returning for a second season.

It will be interesting to see what caused the fallout between Hollman and Redmond when the second season of the show returns.

The two have since made up so fans can expect to see the joyful duo back in action as the season wraps later this summer.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken talking about how she was there for Brandi during her fight with Stephanie? Are you surprised that Brandi is telling LeeAnne to be quiet in social media about her fight with Stephanie?