Leeanne Locken is back for another season of "The Real Housewives of Dallas" and despite getting help for her anger management, she didn't exactly disappoint fans during the first episode. As the new season began, fans learned that there has been a shift in the friendship dynamics on the show. Brandi Redmond and Stephanie Hollman are no longer good friends and Locken had stepped in to comfort Brandi during this troublesome period.

Fans were surprised to see that Brandi had decided to let LeeAnne be her friend after everything they had gone through together over the past year.

But Locken wanted to be there for Brandi, so she had a shoulder to cry on. She knew that things between Brandi and Stephanie were not necessarily great. She knew that they were not getting along because of something Stephanie had said about Redmond's marriage.

Based on her behavior in the first episode, it sounds like Locken wants to keep Brandi to herself and keep growing their friendship instead of helping Brandi make up with Stephanie. During the party that took place in the first episode, LeeAnne was very aggressive with Stephanie. When Hollman tried to talk to Brandi, she was furious.

She wants resolution

When Stephanie sat down, LeeAnne was Brandi's a guard dog, so Stephanie couldn't get close to her friend.

It was shocking and sad to watch, as Stephanie had no idea what to really do about the situation. But in her Bravo blog, LeeAnne Locken is now explaining that she wants nothing more for these former friends than to make peace and find resolution in all of this.

"Was I overly protective that night? Probably. But, was I going to disappoint Brandi or let her down?

No," LeeAnne explains in her blog, adding, "Resolution is what I want for them. A resolution that brings them peace and hopefully some happiness again."

Should Brandi believe her?

It seems hard to believe that LeeAnne wants these two ladies to get along again as she kept trying to create separation between them during the party.

No one wanted to believe that Locken was trying to be a peacemaker at this point in time. Locken admits that she may have come off a little bit too aggressive and that she was merely trying to protect her friend.

She wanted Brandi and Stephanie to work out their issues in private and not at a party. But that's exactly what Stephanie was doing. She was trying to get a time to meet up with Brandi so they could talk and work out their issues.

What do you think about LeeAnne Locken's behavior during the party? If you think she was a tad bit too aggressive with Stephanie, and acting too much like Brandi's guard dog?