"GameofThrones" ended its incredible seventh season Sunday night with a record breaking 16.5 million people tuning in. It was a fun, fast pace (if illogical), entertaining seven episodes and just like everyone else, I am too coming down with the dreaded "Game of Thrones" withdrawal and with HBO hinting at a possible 2019 season eight premiere, it’s safe to say there we won't be watching anyone on the iron throne anytime soon. So instead of waiting for winter to come, here are three shows to help you fill in your "Game of Thrones" gap.

Rick and Morty

When: Sundays 11:30 pm Adult Swim

Online Streaming: Hulu, Seasons 1-2

A fourteen-year-old boy and his mad scientist grandfather go off on a series of frenzied adventures across our universe and multiple other galaxies, dimensions, and alternative universes. While animated and its atmosphere leaning more towards sci-fi than fantasy, "Rick and Morty" still provides plenty of intricate worlds and complex character development throughout its seasons to keep you invested. It’s also funny as hell and sure to remove that bleakness residue leftover from "Game of Thrones." Season three is currently airing on Adult Swim.

Once Upon a Time

When: Fridays 8:00 pm ABC

Online Streaming: Netflix, Seasons 1-6

A young woman journeys to the mysterious seaside town of Storybrooke, Maine where all of its citizens, unbeknownst to them, are fairytale characters.

Its premise is definitely not as dark or violent as "Game of Thrones," but for those with small kids who are not quite old enough yet to handle the world of Westeros, it's solid fantasy entertainment for the whole family. The series will be softly rebooted this season proving that this show still has some magic left. Season seven premieres October 7 on ABC.


When: Sundays 8 pm Starz

Online Streaming: Paid subscription through Amazon, Seasons 1-2

While honeymooning in Scotland, a World War II nurse time travels from 1943 to 1743 and finds herself in the middle of the Jacobite rebellion. There, she encounters adventure and mishaps with the gallant highland warrior Jamie Frasier.

Mixing a good balance of Scotland history with fantasy elements, "Outlander" offers all the same drama, adventure, and stakes as "Game of Thrones" with an endearing focus on the relationship between its main characters. Plus, their romance comes with no incest guaranteed. New episodes of "Outlander" start on September 10 on Starz.